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Bond angle in structure of diamond is:
A. ${{109.5}^{o}}$
B. ${{210}^{o}}$
C. ${{200}^{o}}$
D. ${{154}^{o}}$

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: You should know that diamond is formed from only carbon atoms and it is the allotropic form of carbon. The diamond is the hardest material that is found in nature. It usually has covalently bonded carbon atoms and the geometry of the carbon atoms in the structure is tetrahedral geometry.

Complete Solution :
- Carbon consists of many well known allotropes due to its valency which is known as the combining capacity of an atom. The well known allotropes of carbon include graphite, diamond, amorphous carbon and fullerenes.
So, let us have some knowledge about diamonds.
- Diamond is one of the best known and most sought after gemstones. It is a decorative substance and thus it is usually used in decoration. Its symbol is the same as to that of carbon.
- In the structure of diamond, all carbon atoms possess strong covalent bonds with that of the four other carbon atoms and therefore making it an accurate tetrahedron structure. So, the carbon atoms in diamond are $s{{p}^{3}}$ hybridized. The bond lengths in diamond are equal, thus forming a three dimensional network of covalent bonds. This network of covalent bonds makes diamond the hardest allotrope of carbon and also the hardest mineral. The carbon-carbon-carbon bond has a bond angle - ${{109.5}^{o}}$.
So, the correct answer is “Option A”.

Note: It is important to note that diamond is a covalent structure and the carbon atoms form a regular tetrahedral network structure. There are no free electrons and thus diamond is a bad conductor of electricity.