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Bacteria are classified on the basis of
B)Cell wall
C)Gram +ve and gram -ve
D)Method of nutrition

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Bacteria are single celled prokaryotic organisms which are found everywhere in soil, air, water and also in the gut of humans. There are numerous types of bacteria present which have distinct shape, size cellular composition, physiology etc.

Complete answer:
To solve this question, we must know about the types of classification of bacteria.
Bacteria are omnipresent. They have different morphology as well as different functions. There is a need of classifying the bacteria so that its distinct features can be identified.

The bacterias are classified broadly on the basis of staining called the gram stain. The gram stain is a stain which is used for identification of bacterial strains. The bacterial cell which turns violet to gram stain is called the gram positive bacteria and the one which turns red is called the gram negative bacteria. The gram positive bacteria have a thick peptidoglycan layer whereas gram negative have an outer lipid membrane.
Nucleus- All the bacteria are prokaryotic. They do not have a definite nucleus.
Cell wall- The bacteria differ in accordance with the cell wall. Gram positives have thick cell walls whereas gram negatives have thin cell walls.
Mode of nutrition- There are several types of mode of nutrition which different strains of bacterium have. So it is not an accurate way of classification.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C)

Note: The classification of bacteria on the basis of gram staining is an effective way due to which doctors are able to design further courses of treatment based on gram +ve or gram -ve. The gram positive strains are mostly resistant to antibiotics due to the presence of thick peptidoglycan layers.