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Association areas are not associated with
(A) Intersensory association
(B) Memory
(C) Emotion and sexual behavior
(D) Communication

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint: The association areas are said to be the part of the cerebral cortex which gets the signal from the multiple inputs. It helps in connecting the various sensory and the motor areas by integrating the incoming sensory information from the sense organs.

Complete answer:
These association areas are also called the higher order integrative cortical areas. Based on the location, the association areas are classified into three types: limbic association area, posterior association area and the anterior association area. The limbic association area is located in the anterior- ventral portion of the temporal lobe and its main function is to connect the emotions with the sensory inputs. It also deals with memory and learning. 

The posterior association area is located in the joining point of the occipital, temporal and the parietal lobes. They help in the process of perception and language understanding. The anterior association areas are located in the prefrontal cortex and are important in memory planning. The sensory information is sent to the association areas by the sense organs and these association areas send signals to the motor nerves. But the Intersensory association takes place in association cortical.

Hence the correct answer is option (C).

Note: The example of the function of the association areas: When the bus comes to a stop, the eyes seeing this, send the impulse to the association areas and there these areas process the information and give the signal to the neurons of the motor areas like legs to run fast.