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Hint: Meera, also known as Mirabai and revered as Sant Meerabai, was a Hindu mystic poet and Krishna follower who lived in the 16th century. She is a well-known Bhakti saint, especially in the Hindu tradition of North India.

Complete answer:
Mirabai was born into a Rajput royal family in Kudki, Rajasthan's Pali region, and spent her youth in Merta. By around 1600 CE, she was referenced in Bhaktamal, indicating that she was a well-known and revered figure in the Bhakti movement.
Mirabai was a Rajput princess who married a prince from the royal family. She became a follower of Ravidas, a saint who was said to be untouchable. She committed her life to Lord Krishna's devotion.
Meerabai's five teachings are as follows:
1. She did not believe in the caste hierarchy and instead attacked higher caste standards.
2. She fled the kingdom because of her great devotion to Lord Krishna.
3. She was not a follower of kingly traditions.
4. She preached love while avoiding hatred.
5. Despite being from the royal family, she became a follower of Ravidas, who was considered untouchable.

Note: Mira Bai went on pilgrimages after leaving the kingdom of Mewar. Meera spent her final years in Dwarka or Vrindavan, where tradition has it that she mysteriously vanished in 1547 by merging into a Krishna idol. While scholars debate miracles due to a lack of historical evidence, Meera is widely acknowledged as one of the most important poet-saints of the Bhakti movement period. Meera dedicated her life to Lord Krishna, composing devotional songs, and was one of the most important poet-saints of the Bhakti movement period.