What are the programs listed under the maternity and child health and family planning?

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Hint: India first initiated the Family Planning Program in 1952. The main aims or objectives of the program were to hasten the population growth rate, to reduce the booming population of the country. A variety of programs come under this plan.

Complete answer:
A Family Welfare Program and the Child Survival and Safe Motherhood Program were integrated with the Reproductive and Child Health Program (RCH) Program. The planning was put forth to bring more importance to the issues faced by various vulnerable groups such as client choices, adolescents, various underprivileged, and to alleviate gender equality. The RMNCH+A plan includes various groups such as those belonging to reproductive age, carrying or nursing mothers, newborn, children as well as adolescents. The main implementations were to bring in new methods of contraception, institute-wise fixed services focusing on various socially impactable topics such as family planning, post-partum care for nursing mothers, maternal health, post-abortion mental and physical well being. And improved participation and contribution of the male population in these various aspects. Implementing schemes for the community as a whole through ASHA centers. Bringing about public and private sector partnership in these aspects.

Note: Family planning is the program implemented by the government which gives women the freedom to choose the number of children to give birth to. In many developing countries like India, where gender inequality exists in various aspects, family planning helps to empower women and to decide on their health. It helps in reducing the maternal mortality rates and also improves the health status of women.