What are the practices used for the dairy industry?

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Hint:Dairy industry or dairy farming is the branch of agriculture that deals with the long term production of milk by undergoing certain processes to increase dairy production.

Complete answer:
There are various events that take place in the dairy industry for the production of milk. It is processed either on the farm or at a dairy plant for the sale of dairy products. The high-quality dairy product is obtained from cows while there are certainly other species that are used in commercial dairy farming including goats, sheep, and camels.

The various practices of the dairy industry are:
-The arrangement of proper shelter and hygiene is to be maintained.
-The hygienic conditions like clean water, nutritious food, proper illness treatment must be provided to the animals.
-The animals must be kept in a clean, spacious, and properly ventilated place.
-The newborn calves after birth are given artificial milk for feeding and are then used as a source of milk production when grown.
-The cows who produce milk are inseminated artificially multiple times so that they continue to produce milk.
-The producer aims to get the animals to give birth per year.

 The word dairy word is derived from the English dayerie, from deye which was used in Middle English (female servant or dairymaid) and further back to Old English dæge (kneader of bread). It has been domesticated for thousands of years and was part of the subsistence farming that nomads engaged in. The dairy industries were called by different names in different countries and time periods. During ancient times, the dairy industry was also called ‘milking shed’. In New Zealand, it was called ‘milking parlors’. In the US it was named dairy industry.