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What are the examples of substances with high viscosity?

Last updated date: 12th Jul 2024
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Hint: We can look for the fluids that are thick in nature usually have higher viscosity. When we talk of water it can easily flow thus it is a good example of the fluid that has low viscosity. Low viscosity means the fluids that are less viscous now you can easily identify the fluids with high viscosity.

Complete answer:
We must have to remember that the viscosity is a property of fluid that defines the ability of any fluid on how it flows. Generally fluids that are highly viscous cannot flow with good rate as compared to water which is less viscous. We can look at an example for better understanding, on comparing water and honey. Honey is the one which is thicker than water or you can say it cannot flow at a good rate as water does since it has extremely high viscosity. Viscosity is nothing but it defines the thickness of any fluid or ability of a liquid to flow. Viscosity of fluid can be measured by using an instrument which is called viscometer. In the case of organic liquids the one that has a longer carbon chain will have high viscosity. The unit of viscosity is \[mPa\cdots\].
Examples of substances that has high viscosity:
Honey, Glues, Peanut butter, Long hydrocarbon chain, Ketchup and many more.

We have to remember that the viscosity depends upon the flowing capability of a fluid. The fluid that has high viscosity will flow slowly whereas the fluid having low viscosity will flow faster comparatively. Viscosity concept is only applied to fluids i.e. liquids or gases. Viscosity cannot be measured in case of solids.