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How are the council of ministers categorized?

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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- Government of India is the union government created by the constitution of India as the authority of the legislature, executive and judiciary.
- Modelled after the Westminster system, It is the governing body of the state.
- The President of India is the head of the state & commander-in-chief of the IAF while the Prime Minister elected through free-&-fair elections is the one running the Union government.

Complete answer:
Union Council of Ministers is the one having the executive authority in India. It consists of cabinet ministers, ministers of state and sometimes deputy ministers. It is led by the Prime Minister of India elected through free-&-fair elections. Another smaller executive body called the Union cabinet is the Supreme decision-making authority in India with only the PM of the country and Cabinet Ministers being the members of it.

Council of Ministers are categorized as given below:
- Cabinet Ministers: They are the highest-level leaders of the political party in power or parties which are in charge of major ministries. Cabinet Ministers are the ones who take decisions in the name of the Council of Ministers.
- Ministers of State with Independent Charge: They are in charge of smaller ministries. They are specially invited to cabinet meetings when needed.
- Ministers of State: They have to assist the Cabinet Ministers.

- The Prime Minister is the head of the cabinet and is advised by the cabinet secretary, who acts as the head of the IAS and other civil services.
- As per article 88 of the constitution, every minister has the right to speak, take part in the proceedings of any committee of which he may or may not be a member, but cannot be entitled to vote where he is not a member.
- Indian Civil Servants are the ones who implement executive decisions.