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What are the characteristics of a good fuel?

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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Hint :In order to answer the given question, to know the characteristics of a food fuel, we will explain some points related to good fuel, and then we will talk about the good fuel and we will discuss more about it.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
Some of the characteristics of a good fuel are as under:
1. The fuel should be easily available.
2. It should be dry and should have less moisture content.
3. Dry fuel increases its calorific value.
4. It should be inexpensive, compact, and high in caloric content.
5. It needs to have a low ignition temperature and produce little ash after combustion.
6. The combustion speed of a good fuel should be moderate.
7. It should not burn spontaneously to avoid fire hazards.
8. It should be simple to handle and should not emit toxic gases when burned.
9. The combustion of a good fuel should not be explosive.
A fuel is said to be good fuel if it produces a large amount of heat on burning without producing a lot of smoke, and is easily available.

Note :
However, not every combustible chemical is a good fuel. A good fuel must emit a lot of heat energy into the environment. I hope you found the above details to be helpful in your studies. Apart from combustion reactions, I'll show you another way to extract useful energy from possible fuels in the next post.
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