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Who appoints the state election commissioner?
B.Chief minister
D.Prime Minister

Last updated date: 01st Mar 2024
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Hint: The election commission of India is an autonomous and constitutional authoritative body that is responsible for the administration of elections in India at both the state and the national level. The election commissioner is the head of the election commission and looks over all the activities and makes sure there are no malpractices.

Complete answer: The state election commissioner has many powers vested in himself. The conduct and the preparation for free and fair elections in the districts and the state are all in the hands of the election commissioner. With so many responsibilities he is the overall head of elections in the state. This means that the selection process of an election commissioner has to be done very carefully, with a very detailed process. The governor of the state is responsible for the final selection of a state election commissioner.
Option A. The President is responsible for appointing the Indian election commissioner.
Option B. The Chief minister helps and supervises the governor in selecting the respective states election commissioner.
Option C. The Governor is responsible for the final selection of the appointment of the state election commissioner.
Option D. The Prime minister plays the role of supervising the president in selecting the central election commissioner.
The correct answer to this question is option C - Governor of the state.

Note: Do not get confused between the state election commissioner and the central election commissioner. The central election commissioner is appointed by the president and looks over the central level elections.

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