Against the given word, there are some alternatives, one of which is either similar in meaning (synonym) or opposite in meaning (antonym) to the word. Find out which of the given alternatives is either a synonym or an antonym of the word.
a. Discuss
b. Question
c. Deny
d. Imitate

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Hint: Emulate is a verb which means to match or copy a person or achievement through the process of imitation.

Complete answer:
Option a ‘Discuss’ is a verb which means to talk to someone about something. The word does not have any relation with the given word’s antonym or synonym and hence is incorrect.
Option b ‘Question’ can either be a noun or a verb. As a noun, it means a set of words put together to ask something while as a verb it means to ask. The meaning isn’t similar or opposite to the meaning of the given word and hence is incorrect.
Option c ‘Deny’ is a verb which means to have a different opinion or to disagree with someone on something. The meaning has no connection with either the synonym or the antonym of the given word and hence is incorrect.
Option d ‘Imitate’ means to copy the actions of someone. This exactly matches the meaning of ‘Emulate’ and hence is a synonym of the given word. So, this option is correct.

The correct answer is Option ‘d’.

Note: Some commonly used antonyms of ‘emulate’ are neglect, abandon etc. And some commonly used synonyms of ‘emulate’ are mimic, follow etc.