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Addition of ethylene glycol (non-volatile) to water lowers the freezing point of water and hence it is used as antifreeze.
Addition of any substance to water lowers its freezing point of water.
A.Statement- $1$ is true, statement- $2$ is true and statement- $2$ is the correct explanation for statement- $1$ .
B.Statement- $1$ is true, statement- $2$ is true and statement- $2$ is NOT the correct explanation for statement- $1$ .
C.Statement- $1$ is true, statement- $2$ is false.
D.Statement- $1$ is false, statement- $2$ is true.

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Hint:Ethylene glycol is used as an antifreeze , and it is a non volatile substance that cannot evaporate into gas under certain conditions. If a substance is non volatile then it has high boiling point and low vapour pressure. Ethylene glycol is miscible in water in all proportions.
Complete step by step answer:
Firstly we know,
In statement- $1$
$\Delta T={{K}_{f}}\times m$
Where, $\Delta T$ is change in temperature
${{K}_{f}}$ is freezing point constant
$m$ is the molality
Ethylene glycol has the ability to form hydrogen bonds because it contains polar $OH$ groups. Oxygen is electronegative than hydrogen. Therefore, oxygen has a slightly negative charge and hydrogen have slightly positive charge which makes them polar. As we know that opposite charges attract each other and hence the ethylene glycol are attracted to each other that makes them harder to pull apart. Ethylene glycol interferes with the hydrogen bonding in water and decreases its freezing point.
So the first statement is true.
In statement-$2$
All substances cannot lower the freezing point of water and therefore the statement -$2$ is false
Hence, the correct option is $C$ .

Additional information: -
What is antifreeze?
An antifreeze is defined as an additive that helps to decrease the freezing point of water. It helps in preventing the rigid enclosure from bursting due to expansion.
What is ethylene glycol?
Ethylene glycol is an organic compound having a formula $C{{H}_{2}}\left( O{{H}_{2}} \right)$ . It is mainly used as a raw material in the manufacture of polyester fibres and for anti freezing of water.

-Antifreeze lowers the freezing point of any liquid to which it is added by preventing ice crystals from forming properly.
-Here, ethylene glycol acts as an antifreeze and is used in commercial and industrial applications.
-It reduces overheating in summer and acts as a coolant.