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Add the following \[23.456m+26.5cm\]
  & A.499.56cm \\
 & B.49.956cm \\
 & C.237.16cm \\
 & D.2372.6cm \\

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Hint: In order to add the given decimals, firstly we must convert both of the decimals into either metres or centimetres as one of the measurements is in metres and the other in the centimetres. After converting, we are supposed to add up them according to the place values and express them in a single unit.

Complete step-by-step solution:
Now let us have a brief regarding the decimals. A decimal is nothing but a number being expressed on the grounds of \[10\]. A decimal contains a point called decimal point which separates a number into the whole number part and the decimal part. A decimal can be expressed in the form of a fraction and vice versa. There are three types of decimals. They are: recurring decimals, non-recurring decimals and decimal fraction. We can perform operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Upon dividing the decimals get smaller and in the case of multiplication the value of the decimals increases as it depends upon the shifting of the point.
Now let us find the sum of \[23.456m+26.5cm\]
We can see that the answer options we are given are in the units of centimetres. So we must express the answer in centimetres. So we will be converting the metres into centimetres first.
In order to convert metres to centimetres, we must be multiplying the decimal with \[100\] because \[1m=100cm\].
Then we get,
\[23.456m\times 100cm=2345.6cm\]
Now let us add them. We get,
& \text{2345}\text{.6} \\
& \underline{\text{+ 26}\text{.5}} \\
& \underline{\text{2372}\text{.1}} \\
\[\therefore \] \[23.456m+26.5cm\]\[=2372.1cm\]

Note: We must always have a note that while performing the operations on measurements, the measurements should be converted into a single unit. We can use decimals every day in calculating and expressing various values such as interests, grades and many more.