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A taxonomic group of any rank is called.

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: In biological classification, taxonomic rank is the level of a group of organisms referred to as taxon in a taxonomic hierarchy. A given rank subsumes under its fewer general categories. above it, each rank is classified within more categories of organisms related to each other through inheritance of traits.

Complete answer:
As we discussed, a taxonomic group of a rank has a certain group of organisms. So, a taxonomic group of any rank is called taxon. Examples of taxonomic ranks are species, genus, family, order, class, phylum, domain etc. the rank of any species and the description of its genus is basic which means that to identify a particular organism it is not always necessary to specify ranks other than first two.
Suppose consider a particular species of vulpes, the next rank above genus vulpes is all kinds of foxes. But their closest relatives are in the higher ranks- family Canidae which includes dogs, wolves, jackals and foxes. Next higher rank is order carnivora- which includes carnivores like- bears, seals, weasels, skunks, raccoons and filiforms like cats, civets, hyenas, mongooses.
The scientist who categorized the main ranks in his landmark publications named- Systema Naturae is ‘Carl Linnaeus’. He used a ranking scale limited to- kingdom, class, order, genus, species and one rank below species. Today there are seven main taxonomic ranks as mentioned above and a domain which was proposed by carl woese.
A taxon is usually assigned to a rank when it is given a formal name. The basic ranks are species and genus. For taxonomists to identify and accept. If a taxon is given a formal scientific name, its use is mentioned in nomenclature codes specifying which scientific name is correct for a particular grouping.
Many phylogenetic nomenclatures use cladistic methods that require taxa to be monophyletic, which means all descendants of some ancestors. Few taxa are known to be paraphyletic.

The term taxon was first used in \[1926\] by Adolf Meyer-Abich for animal classification from the word taxonomy. The word taxonomy had been coined and taxis means arrangement. A taxonomic unit, whether named or not in a population or group of populations of organisms which are to be phylogenetically related and have common characters to differentiate.