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A sudden change in one or more genes, or in the number or in the structure of chromosomes is called__________

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: A sudden change in one or more genes, or in the number or in the structure of chromosomes is called chromosomal mutation. Due to any mission, additional, or abnormality in a particular section of chromosomal DNA these mutations occur. Chromosomal anomalies occur usually when there is an error in cell division.

Complete answer:
Chromosomal mutation is a strict change in the segment of DNA which in result causes many abnormal diseases for life. Some of them are trisomy and tetrasomy which is the result of abnormal extra chromosomes in any pair, dawn syndrome is a disorder in which extra copies of chromosomes have been noticed. Another one is monosomy in which there is a missing chromosome from a normal pair of chromosomes one such example is turner syndrome in which an individual is born with only sex chromosome that is an X.
These mutations occur during the cell division of mammalian gametogenesis. DNA repair is the process that follows steps which corrects any DNA damage that codes its genome.

Note: Chromosomes are thread like structures where our genetic material DNA is closely packed. They are present in the nucleus of the cell and undergo condensation before cell division. During this process they may encounter random genetic disturbances which may result in chromosomal mutations. Sometimes genes may be inserted in the wrong chromosome, gene or set of genes is completely lost in the chromosomes. Mutation may occur due to deletion, duplication, inversion, translocation. For example: down syndrome, cancer, turner syndrome etc.