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A satellite launching station should be
A. near the equatorial region.
B. near the polar region.
C. on the polar axis.
D. all locations are equally good.

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Hint: The launching speed of a satellite should be good enough to reach the space. The gravitational pull is less at the equator because of which the satellite is launched from the equator. Hence, it gains good speed.

Complete step by step answer::
The gravity (g) of the earth varies from equator (E or ) to north pole (N) or equator to south poles(s). The variation in the gravity (g) from moving into the earth's surface is due to its elliptical shape. At equator (E or ), gravity(g) is minimum relative to all other points on the surface of earth. When a satellite is launched from the equator, it goes up into the space with very less attraction due to gravity which means that the less gravity at the equator of earth is helpful for launching a satellite. When the satellite goes up into space and it is moving around the earth, it has the same speed as it was moving before launching because of inertia. Due to less attraction of gravity by the earth to the satellite when it has been launched from the equator, it gains good speed just before orbiting and due to inertia it has the same speed revolving around it. This speed will help the satellite to keep up a good speed to stay in the orbit.

Hence, the correct option is (A).

The satellite revolving around the earth with the time period the same as that of rotation of earth is called a geostationary satellite.