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A room is 4m long and 3m 50cm wide. How many square meters of carpet is needed to cover the floor of the room?

Last updated date: 20th Jul 2024
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Hint: This problem is related to unit conversion and area of the room. First we will convert the dimensions into meters and then we will find the area of the room. And that area is nothing but the square meters of carpet needed to cover the floor of the room.

Complete step by step solution:
Given is the dimension of the room. But they are given in meters and others are in a combination of meters and centimeters.
So in order to find the carpet required we will need the area of the room. For that the dimensions should be in any one unit. Since the carpet requirement is asked in square meters we will take the dimensions in meters.
So the length is already 4 m.
But the breadth or we can say width of the room is given as 3m 50 cm.
So convert this 50 cm into meters.
Thus, \[50cm = \dfrac{{50}}{{100}}\]
On dividing we get,
 \[50cm = 0.50m\]
Now add this with the 3m width,
 \[3m + 0.50m = 3.50m\]
This is the width or breadth of the room.
Now the area of the room is given by,
 \[area = l \times b\]
Putting the values,
 \[area = 4 \times 3.50\]
On multiplying we get,
 \[area = 14{m^2}\]
Thus this is the area of the room and the square meters of carpet required.
Thus \[14{m^2}\] of carpet will be required.
So, the correct answer is “ \[14{m^2}\] ”.

Note: Note that, only the floor is to be covered and not the whole room. If the whole room is to be covered then we need the height of the room also. But in that case also we will find the areas of the walls and floor and not the volume. Volume is found in case of occupied or is filled with type of questions.