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A number when divided by $46$ gives $11$ as quotient and $15$ as the remainder. The number is

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: To solve this question we need to know the concept of writing dividend in terms of divisor, quotient and remainder. The formula used to solve this question will be $\text{Dividend = Divisor }\times \text{Quotient + Remainder}$, we will be substituting the values in the formula and hence getting the dividend or the number being asked.

Complete step by step solution:
The question asks us to find the number or dividend which on being divided by $46$ gives a quotient as $11$ and remainder as $15$. To solve the problem we will substitute the value in the formula $\text{Dividend = Divisor }\times \text{Quotient + Remainder}$. On analysing the problem, we see that the divisor is $46$, quotient as $11$and the remainder is $15$. On substituting the value in the formula below formula we get:
$\Rightarrow \text{Dividend = Divisor }\times \text{Quotient + Remainder}$
$\Rightarrow \text{Dividend = }46\times 11+15$
The above expression will be solved using the BODMAS Rule, according to which the multiplication of the numbers will be done prior to that of the addition in the given expression. So on applying the same rule in the above expression we get:
$\Rightarrow \text{Dividend = 506}+15$
Now we will add the terms which will result in:
$\Rightarrow \text{Dividend = 521}$
Dividend is the number which is being asked in the question.
$\therefore $ A number when divided by $46$ gives $11$ as quotient and $15$ as the remainder.

So, the correct answer is “Option B”.

Note: To solve the question we need to know the below formula$\text{Dividend = Divisor }\times \text{Quotient + Remainder}$. Additionally we should always remember the rule of BODMAS which states that the value of the expression should be calculated in the order of bracket, of, division, multiplication, addition and lastly subtraction.