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Last updated date: 06th Dec 2023
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A number is divided into two parts such that one part is 10 more than the other. If the two parts are in the ratio 5:3, find the number and the two parts.

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Hint: Here we let the two numbers as 5x and 3x and then apply the condition of the question to find out the value of x. Then by putting the value of x we get the answer.

Since the two parts are in the ratio 5:3,
Then let the first number be 5x and second number be 3x.
According to the question, the second number is 10 more than the other, so it will be 3x+10.
And now by comparing the numbers.
Now put the value x to get the numbers
The first number becomes 5x=5(5) =25 and second number becomes 3x=3(5) =15
The new number will be 25+15=40.

Note: Whenever we face such a type of a problem the key concept for solving the question is always try to let the value of ratio with some variable multiple as in this question we let 5:3 as 5x and 3x. Then solve it according to what the question said.
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