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A notebook costs Rs. $ 186 $
I.What is the cost of $ 8 $ such notebooks for $ 8 $?
II.How many notebooks will cost Rs. $ 356.50? $

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: Here we are given the cost of one book and we have to find the cost of $ 8 $ such notebooks, therefore we will use multiplication to get since it's one to many. Similarly, we are given the cost of many notebooks together and asked to get the number of books so, will divide it with the cost of one book.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Given that: One notebook costs Rs. $ 186 $
Now, the cost of $ 8 $ such notebooks $ = 186 \times 8 $
Find the product of the terms in the above expression –
the cost of $ 8 $ notebooks $ = 1488 $ Rs.

Now in the second part, we are given cost Rs. $ 356.50 $
Number of notebooks $ = \dfrac{{356.50}}{{186}} $
Find the division for the above expression –
Number of notebooks $ = 1.91 $ books
Hence, we can only purchase one notebook from the given cost.

Note: Always remember that if the amount of one unit is given and asked to find the amount of many then always use multiplication for one to many and use if the total amount is given and you know the amount of one unit then we can get the number of units by using the division. Be good in multiples and division and be careful about the decimal points when direct division is not possible.