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A machine fills $ 390 $ bottles of soda in $ 6 $ hours. How long will it take to fill $ 1365 $ bottles?

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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Hint: As we know that the above given question is a word problem. A problem is a mathematical question written as one sentence or more describing a real life scenario where that problem needs to be solved by the way of mathematical calculation. We can solve the given problem by applying the method of mathematical numbers as least or highest number of multiple required.

Complete step-by-step answer:
We need to first understand the requirement of the question which is to fill $ 1365 $ bottles.
We have given that to fill $ 390 $ bottles, we need $ 6 $ hours.
So to fill one bottle we require $ \dfrac{6}{{390}} $ hours.
Now by applying the unitary method we can say that to fill $ 1365 $ bottles, we need $ \dfrac{6}{{390}} \times 1365 $ hours.
On further solving it gives us the value $ 21 $ hours.
Hence we require $ 21 $ hours to fill $ 1365 $ bottles.
So, the correct answer is “ $ 21 $ hours ”.

Note: We should always be careful what the question is asking. Based on the requirement and by observing all the necessary information that is already available in the question we gather the information and then create an equation or by unitary method whichever is applicable, then we solve the problem and then verify the answer by putting the value in the problem and see whether we get the same answer or not.