What is a chemical equation? Why it is necessary to balance it.

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Hint: A chemical equation is used to represent any type of chemical reaction in which a reactant is converted into a product under some specific conditions. A Chemical Reaction is a process that happens when two or more than two species interact to produce a new product

Complete step by step solution:
The Compounds that react in the reaction are called reactants whereas the compound that is newly formed is called the product. These Chemical reactions play a crucial part in different industries and our daily life.
Due to the large amounts of chemical reactions in chemistry, a nomenclature was introduced to simplify the process of expressing a chemical reaction by converting it into the form of a chemical equation. A chemical equation is a mathematical expression of the chemical reaction which represents the product formation from the reactants. In an equation, the reactants are written on the left-hand side and the products are written on the right-hand side demonstrated by one-headed or two-headed arrows. A chemical equation should always be balanced because the law of conservation of mass states that matter can neither be created nor destroyed so in a chemical equation the total mass of reactants must be equal to the mass of products formed i.e. the total number of atoms of each element should be equal on both the sides of a chemical equation.
Ammonia is formed from nitrogen and hydrogen. The balanced chemical equation of this reaction is:
 $ {N_2} + 3{H_2} \to 2N{H_3} $ .

In a chemical reaction, a chemical change is observed. A reaction can take place between two atoms or ions or molecules, In this process, they form a new bond and a new product is created from the reactants. The rate at which the reaction proceeds depends on factors like pressure, temperature, the concentration of reactants.

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