A car is $4m$ long and a boat is $8m$ long. Find the length of car and boat altogether in feet.
A) $12.00ft$
B) $25.5ft$
C) $39.37ft$
D) $40.3ft$

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Hint: You should know the conversion of the unit. Like you should know $1m = 3.28ft$. You can use this and get your required answer. While substituting the values make sure that all the quantities have the same unit.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Here in the question, it is given that the car whose length is $4m$ and the boat whose length is $8m$.
And we need to calculate the total length, that means,
Sum of length of car and length of boat ( in $ft$)
So, first of all, we have to change the unit from $metre$ to $ft$.
You must be knowing the value of unit changing for eg., $1m = 100cm$
Like this, $metre$ and $ft$ are also related.
The relation is given by the equation
$1m = 3.28ft$
So as we know that $1m = 3.28ft$, so we can find the length of car and boat in $ft$.
So, let us calculate the required length. First we will convert the length of car in $feet$.
Now according to question, length of car is given $4m$.
As we know $1m = 3.28ft$,
So, for $4m$, it will be
$4m = 4 \times 3.28 = 13.12ft$
Now similarly we need to find the length of boat which is equal to $8m$
As we know $1m = 3.28ft$,
We can find the measurement of $8m$in $ft$ as
$8m = 8 \times 3.28 = 26.24ft$
Now we come to know that
Length of car$ = 13.12ft$
Length of boat$ = 26.24ft$
Now we need to find the sum of length of car and boat in $feet$
$ = $length of car + length of boat
   = 13.12ft + 26.24ft \\
   = 39.36ft \\
So, it is close to $39.37ft$, so our answer is option C.

Note: You must know the unit conversion. For example,
$1m = 3.28ft$
$1m = 100cm$
And so on. This is all you should learn then you can solve these questions quickly and save your time.