Who is a Block Development Officer? What is his/her importance?

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The BDO is to educate the Panchayat Samiti members to take the right decisions with regard to the programmes to be pursued.

He also manages the execution of all the initiatives related to the construction and planning of the blocks.

Complete solution:
The Head of the Block Office is the Block Development Officer. He is supported by a team of officers, technical staff and ministerial staff who are responsible for carrying out the various development works assigned to the Department efficiently and successfully. They are also responsible for ensuring the participation of the people and preserving public support for the various initiatives implemented by the Blocks in order to execute the schemes.
He/She has the utmost importance in the administration of a locality.

Following are some important duties of a Block Development Officer:

(a) As a Chief Executive Officer: The Block Development Officer aims to ensure that the plans and programmes approved by the relevant authorities are carried out effectively. Subject to the prior approval of the appropriate authority, it signs contracts and authenticates all letters and documents for and on behalf of the Panchayat Samiti.

(b) As a Head of the Block Office: BDO exercises oversight and control over the Panchayat Samiti extension officers and other employees and the employees born on transferred schemes. Subject to the right of appeal of the latter to the standing committee on taxation, finance and administration, he can censure a Panchayat Samiti employee under him.

(c) As a Secretary: Subject to the directions of Pradhan and the chairman of the respective committees, he shall provide notices for the meetings of the Panchayat Samiti and standing committees.

There are some emergency functions performed by the BDO too. He guides the execution of any function or act in the event of fire, floods or epidemics and the incurrence of expenditure on it which usually requires the approval of the Panchayat Samiti or its standing committee.