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How many $ 3 - $ inch segments can a $ 4.5 $ - yard line be divided into?
A. $ 15 $
B. $ 45 $
C. $ 54 $
D. $ 64 $
E. $ 84 $

Last updated date: 20th Jul 2024
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Hint: First of all convert the given yards in the form of its equivalent inches and then will find the number of segments with the specific inches to get the number of segments using the basic correlation.

Complete step-by-step answer:
We are given that $ 4.5 $ yard to be converted in inches.
 $ 1{\text{ yard = 36 inches}} $
Place for the give number –
 $ {\text{4}}{\text{.5 yard = 4}}{\text{.5}} \times {\text{36 inches}} $
Simplify the above expression finding the product of the terms.
 $ {\text{4}}{\text{.5 yard = 162 inches}} $
Now, the given $ 162 $ inches to be divided for $ 3 - $ inch segments.
So, frame the equation accordingly.
Number of segments $ = \dfrac{{162}}{3} $
Find the factor for the term in the numerator.
Number of segments $ = \dfrac{{54 \times 3}}{3} $
Common factors from the numerator and the denominator cancel each other and therefore remove from the numerator and the denominator.
Number of segments $ = 54 $
Hence, from the given multiple choices – the option C is the correct answer.
So, the correct answer is “Option C”.

Note: Always remember that the quantities of the given should be in the same format and therefore know the correct relation to convert the inches and the yard. Always remember that the common factors from the numerator and the denominator cancels each other. To apply so always find the factors and reduce the given expression. Know that the factors are the terms which are multiplied to get its original number.