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Patna has been a centre of learning since time immemorial. The great university of Nalanda was located in this region, a hotbed of learning and spirituality. Today, the city is home to a fast-growing economy, spurred by major economic and governance reforms. The growing competition in the education sector is another indicator of the prospects in the city and beyond. There is a burgeoning practice of students getting additional home tuitions to complement and augment their school tuition. Finding a home tutor in Patna is not the easiest task, and one needs to take into consideration many factors like effective teaching methods and the interest and capacity of the student. However, online platforms are now raising the bar of tuitions in Patna. Vedantu is an education provider that is becoming a top choice for students for many reasons.

  • On the Vedantu platform, students can get access to the best tutors without having to leave their homes.

  • Online learning cuts down on time lost in transit; it allows students more space in their schedules (and parents too) creating a relaxed environment for learning.

  • Traditional home tuition fees in Patna are high for various reasons, but Vedantu’s online tutoring is available at an affordable cost – all this with no compromise on quality.

  • Vedantu provides a holistic home teaching experience which includes recorded sessions, multiple device support, assessments and an easy pace of learning.

  • Study material reflects the curriculum from the best institutions across India.