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Best teachers in Kozhikode

A city known for its centuries-old spice trade and scenic coastal setting, Kozhikode is one of Kerala’s major cities and centre of learning. Every year thousands of students graduate from its many schools and pursue higher education across the country. Parents who are aware of the increased competition in academia are looking for private tutors to cover the gaps left by regular school tuition. Vedantu’s online platform is helping many students get access to high-quality home teaching which is designed to be a fun and long-lasting educational experience. Here are some virtues of this revolutionary format built on the timeless principles of the teacher-student relationship.


  1. Vedantu’s personalised online study sessions are planned according to the specific needs of the student

  2. Vedantu’s tutors are alumni from some of India’s best institutions

  3. Students are not required to leave home thus allowing for easier schedules

  4. Vedantu lessons can be accessed from multiple locations and devices giving more flexibility to the student’s schedule

  5. The benefits of customised education come at a lesser fee than regular home tuition fees in Kozhikode

  6. Vedantu lessons can be accessed 24/7, revising easier and assessments keep students up to date


Getting an online home tutor in Kozhikode is full of advantages when compared to group coaching. Firstly, students will not suffer from distractions. Secondly, the student will receive 100 percent attention from the tutor and get to learn at his or her own pace. Interaction is encouraged, and students will gain confidence and warm up to even the toughest subjects. Group classes are conducted at a pace that might leave some students behind, hence getting an online home tutor for primary and secondary school from Vedantu is always a better idea.