Home Tuition in Gorakhpur

Best teachers in Gorakhpur

A bustling city that is a major hub of transport and business in the north-east of Uttar Pradesh, Gorakhpur is also home to many school students who aspire to join the Indian professional mainstream after they graduate. In many cases, the school students are finding resourceful ways to cope with increased expectations and competition. There is high demand for quality tuitions in Gorakhpur. Vedantu with its cutting-edge online platform is making customised tuitions accessible to a larger demographic. Easier scheduling, affordable fees and customised learning experiences are some of the advantages of Vedantu’s home teaching model. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Vedantu’s live lessons are customised to suit specific academic requirements of the student

  2. Vedantu’s tutors bring experience from some of India’s best institutions like IIMs and IITs

  3. Vedantu’s home lessons are a secure and convenient option – they require no transit 

  4. The live lessons and recordings can be accessed from multiple devices and locations

  5. Vedantu’s customised tuitions cost much lesser than traditional home tuition fees in Gorakhpur

  6. The lessons and recordings can be accessed 24/7, aiding revision