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Cuttoff Down for MBBS/BDS May See A Drop in Tamil Nadu

October 19, 2022
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The state Health Minister, Ma Subramanian, released the state rank list of Tamil Nadu for NEET 2022. Compared to 2021, the cutoff for MBBS/BDS courses may witness a slight drop this year. The open category can see a fall of 5 marks, and a drop of 15 marks is expected in other categories.

Tamil Nadu May Witness A Drop In Cutoff for MBBS/BDS This Year

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The overall performance of Tamil Nadu compared to 2021 is slightly on the lower side. Only five students scored more than 700 marks out of 720 this year, while this count was 9 in 2021. Students scoring above 650 are 199 this year, compared to 239 last year. This difference further increases with lowering the scale. A total of 953 students managed to score above 600 this year, while 1030 students achieved more than 600 marks last year. 

A total of 4,470 students managed to keep their score above 500 in NEET-2022, which is the lowest since 2020. However, the downfall in performance is state-specific as the overall score of students has increased across the nation. This implies that fewer students will get admission to central universities from Tamil Nadu. The only comforting thing for Tamil Nadu students is the opening of two new state-private universities - Srinivasan Medical College and Hospital in Samayapuram and Sri Venkateshwara Medica College Hospital and Research Institute in Red Hills. These two new institutes will contribute up to 150 new MBBS seats.

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