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NEET 2022: Experts Released A Detailed Time Management Chart For Aspirants

June 05, 2022
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With the NEET 2022 date approaching close, aspirants are entering the last phase of preparation. To further assist NEET 2022 aspirants, a detailed time management chart with guidelines has been released by the experts. The step has been taken by National Testing Agency (NTA) after recording 20 percent higher registrations for NEET-UG 2022 compared to the last year.

NEET 2022: Detailed Time Management Chart Released For Aspirants

After realising that NEET 2022 can be one of the toughest medical entrance exams in the country, a 20 minutes additional window has been added to the total exam time. Earlier, a 180 minutes time frame was provided to complete the paper. In addition, Section A now consists of 20 MCQ questions with choices. 

Experts also suggest that students should only practice from the mock test papers that are in line with the NEET 2022 Exam Pattern. To help students better, a detailed 200 minutes paper for all the three subjects divided into Section A and Section B has been provided for the first time. 

Guidelines Suggested In The Detailed Time Management Chart For NEET 2022

  1. Biology: Divided between Botany and Zoology, it is advised to not invest more than one and a half minutes per question. Ideally, numerically oriented questions should be attempted with a bit higher time frame. However, not more than three minutes should be invested per 2 MCQs. 

Sections like Assertion Reason, Match the following, Statement-based, and Diagram-based should also be attempted with not more than three minutes investor per 2 questions. 

  1. Physics: For Section A with 35 MCQs, it is suggested to invest less than one minute per MCQ. Higher weightage should be invested in the calculation centric questions of Section B. 

  2. Chemistry: For sections which require calculations like Equilibrium, Thermodynamics and Inorganic Chemistry, not more than 1.5 minutes should be invested. For Chemistry, a total of 50 minutes are advised to complete. 

All these guidelines are suggested after a series of discussions and analysis of exam patterns. To gauge new typologies and difficulty levels, students should refer to the Time Management guidelines provided by NEET experts. Also, to get acquainted with the structure of actual NEET-UG 2022 exam paper and the exam environment, students should solve multiple Mock Tests based on new patterns. This will help them to beat the anxiety on the exam day.

Nearly 18 lakh students have registered for NEET UG 2022, which is scheduled for July 17, 2022, in offline mode. 

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