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CBSE Class 10 & 12 Results 2022: Check Verification & Revaluation Process Details

July 25, 2022
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CBSE has released the details of the verification and revaluation process of Class 10 Result & Class 12 Results 2022. Candidates will now have the option of obtaining photocopies of term 2 answer sheet, verifying marks and re-evaluating copies.  

The application process for verification of marks will begin on July 26, 2022, and go on until July 28, 2022. To get the photocopies of the answer sheets, candidates can apply between August 8, 2022, and August 9, 2022. The revaluation registration will be done between August 13 and August 14. 

CBSE Class 10 & 12 Results 2022 Verification and Revaluation Application

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For CBSE Class 12 term 2 result 2022 verification, a candidate has to pay Rs 500 per subject and Rs 700 per answer book for obtaining photocopies. For re-evaluation, Rs 100 per question has been fixed.

Similarly, for Class 10, Rs 500 is fixed for verification of marks and obtaining answer book photocopies, while Rs 100 per question has to be paid for re-evaluation.

Candidates applying for verification can only apply to obtain a photocopy of answer books in their respective subjects. The result computed after verification and re-evaluation will be final, and no further review will be entertained once the result is declared by the CBSE.