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CBSE Class 6 SST Worksheet Chapter 3 Understanding Diversity

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CBSE Class 6 SST Worksheet Chapter 3 Understanding Diversity - Free PDFs with Solutions

Chapter 3 in SST is a very important chapter for Class 6 students. They will explore the topic of understanding diversity. There are different topics in SST that tell us about our country and its development, and one such topic is diversity. The lesson diversity is one of the main topics students will learn at the beginning of Class 6. To help students get a wider perspective on this chapter, they must refer to the PDFs and worksheets curated according to the CBSE pattern. 

Once students learn this chapter, they will learn about the meaning of diversity, how diverse our country is, the unity of the nation, different religions, how diversity enriches and affects our life, etc. And students will get great assistance if they follow the understanding diversity Class 6 worksheet.

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Benefits of Learning the Chapter Understanding Diversity for Class 6 Students

In the beginning, students might feel overwhelmed and confused in remembering various subtopics of this chapter. But once they start to understand the chapter, it will be easy for them to keep the key points of this chapter in their mind. Here are the benefits of the lesson:

  • Through this chapter, students learn about how democracy responds to social differences and what divisions and inequalities are in our country.

  • If students pay great attention to solving the Understanding Diversity Class 6 Worksheet, they can easily clear the concept of various social and political effects on the diversity of our country.

  • Another concept that students will learn from this chapter is the public expression of social division. In addition, students can also take help from Understanding Diversity Class 6 Chapter 3 worksheets. 

  • While understanding the chapter, students must pay special attention to the subtopics like distribution to accommodate linguistic and regional diversities. It can be easily understood with the help of Understanding Diversity Class 6 Pdf.

Some Questions and Examples of Understanding Diversity Class 6 Worksheet

Here are some common questions that students will get in the PDF and Understanding Diversity Class 6 worksheet. Practising these questions can help students gain a better view of this lesson. 

1. Answer the following questions: 

  • Where did the Jallianwala Bagh incident occur?  

  1. Lucknow

  2. Amritsar

  3. Mumbai 

  • Why did Britishers think they could divide India easily?

  1. Because we're a lot in population

  2. Because Indians come from different backgrounds

  3. None

  • What is the meaning of diversity?

  1. It is the name of the country

  2. Being considerate of different people from various cast, creeds, the religion of the society and ethnic backgrounds they come from

  3. None

  • Who composed the National Anthem of India?

  1. Bhimrao Ambedkar

  2. Mahatma Gandhi

  3. Vivekananda

  4. None of the above

2. Tell whether the statements are true or false.

  • Onam is an important festival in Kerala. 

  • Britishers came to India in 1999.

  • India has two major dance forms, classical and folk.

  • Agriculture is one of the greatest assets of India. 

Download Free PDF of Understanding Diversity Class 6 Chapter 3 Questions

Well-curated Understanding Diversity Class 6 pdf and worksheets are a great way to learn things on the go. A clear concept and a strong foundation of such topics will help students easily understand other SST topics in higher classes. 

  • Students can use the free PDF to learn this chapter effectively. The PDF not only helps with clearing the concept but also helps in proper time management.

  • It is very easy to get these PDFs printed as well. Students can also carry the Understanding Diversity Class 6 Pdf anywhere with them.

  • The downloadable worksheets are a great way to get insights on the topic. PDFs of this chapter can be easily downloaded from the official Vedantu website. 

Lastly,  students can use the free PDFs to solve many questions related to the chapter. The experts at Vedantu have addressed all the important subtopics of Understanding Diversity Class 6 Chapter 3 in the PDF. These PDFs will help students improve their knowledge and skills before the exam.  

FAQs on CBSE Class 6 SST Worksheet Chapter 3 Understanding Diversity

1. What is the meaning of diversity?

Diversity means including different types of things or people in a range of different things and respecting their individuality.

2. How is the chapter Understanding Diversity important in Class 6?

The chapter teaches Class 6 students about different things, including learning and sharing each other's expressions. This chapter will help students learn to celebrate festivals, languages, cultures etc., together.

3. How can students effectively learn the chapter Understanding Diversity?

Students use different worksheets and can take help from PDFs. PDF and worksheets contain various chapter examples, which students can use to revise the topic effectively.