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CBSE Class 6 English Worksheet Chapter 9 What Happened To The Reptiles - PDF

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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CBSE Class 6 English Worksheet Chapter 9 What Happened To The Reptiles - Download Free Pdf

What Happened to the Reptiles Summary Class 6 will walk us through the entire chapter. Prem is the story's narrator, who flees his village due to unfortunate circumstances. He arrives in the tranquil village of Pambupatti by coincidence. An elderly guy takes him in and cares for him, and other villagers visit him. 

Prem is taken aback by how much everyone cares for one another. The old man then tells him a story from years ago about this community. Makara, the crocodile, was the chief of the hamlet of only reptiles. He ordered the remaining reptiles to depart the village one by one. They soon begin to experience difficulties in the absence of others. 

As a result, the rest of the reptiles revolted and drove them back. It indicates that all organisms are necessary for the planet to work usually. What Happened to the Reptiles Worksheet covers What Happened to the Reptiles summary and all the critical questions and answers of the chapter.

Access Worksheet for Class 6 English Chapter 9 - What Happened to the Reptiles?

1. Who is the narrator of this story? 

2. Where does Prem live? 

3. What is the name of the village that Prem is talking about? 

4. Why is the village where Prem lives so different from any other village? 

5. Why is Prem not determined at all to return to his village?

6. Why did Prem flee his village? State the reasons along with your answer.

7. For how long did Prem travel after fleeing his village? 

8. Why was Prem visited by all the villagers? 

9. Why is the old man narrating a story to Prem? 

10. What are the animals that used to live in the village a long time ago?

11. State whether the following statements are True or False:

  1. The old man was cruel to Prem.

  2. Prem flees from his village to Pambupatti.

  3. Nobody dared to challenge the decisions or any authority of Makara.

  4. Makara ruled the village of Pambupatti before any human being existed there.

12. Fill in the blanks

  1. _____ decided to make the tortoise go away.

  2. _____ and ______ are useless, slow, and stupid creatures. 

  3. ______ were very slippery and ugly in looking as per Makara.

  4. _____ and _____ started smelling foul in the forest.

  5. The population of _____ started growing in the absence of snakes.

13. State the reason for the following:-

  1. Why did Makara drive away all the creatures in the forest? 

  2. Why did all the reptiles revolt against Makara?

14. What are the kinds of stuff that Prem grabbed before fleeing away from his home village to Pambupatti? 

15. Who is the writer of this beautiful story? 

16. Complete the sentences:-

  1. Prem lived in a village where people spoke _________.

  2. Due to religious break the villagers turned ugly and started attacking _______

17. Do you agree that every individual has a role in our society? If yes then explain. 

18. Do you think Prem was motivated by hearing the story from the old man? Explain if yes. 

19. Who was the last one that was ordered to leave the village? 

20. What is the moral of this story? 

Answers for Worksheet

1. Prem is the narrator of the story of the village of Pambupatti. He was motivated by the history of this village and is currently reciting the story to an unknown audience. 

2. Prem used to live in an unknown village from where he fled due to a religious breakout in his village. He lived in a village where people belonged to different categories and religions. 

3. Prem is talking about Pambupatti village which is not his hometown. The people in this village were quite different as compared to his village. 

4. Prem loves Pambupatti because he saw peace and harmony among the people. He also saw people helping each other out with any problems they faced. Everyone in the village worked together and did not have any conflict within themselves. 

5. Prem was determined and highly sure not to return to his village because there were many communal riots. The people started to hate each other so much due to the religious breakout. This is the reason why Prem and his other friends living felt it was unsafe for them to further live in the village and did not want to get involved in such harassment. 

6. Prem fled his village because people living there started fighting within themselves due to religious issues. The hate grew stronger day by day and they started burning down each other’s houses. Most houses were set on fire and many people including women and babies died during such riots. In fact, people started burning down mosques and temples. 

7. After fleeing his village Prem travelled for two days and two nights without knowing anything about where he was heading. Throughout his travel, Prem did not have any food or shelter and he was indeed very tired. 

8. All the villagers of Pambupatt paid a visit to Premi because he had travelled for two days and nights without eating anything and had fainted near the well. Additionally, a wise old man had found him who also takes care of others in the villages takes him in and that is the reason why Prem was visited by all villagers. 

9. The old man who saved Prem started narrating a beautiful story to Prem because he wanted to know why the people of this village were so humble and genuine. The story narrated by the old man describes all the answers that were in his mind. 

10. The animals that lived in the village a long time ago were panthers, elephants, reptiles, rats, snakes, crocodiles, bears, lizards, and tortoises. 


  1. False

  2. True

  3. True

  4. True 


  1. Makara

  2. Reptiles and tortoises

  3. Snakes

  4. Fruits and fishes


  1. Makara was a very cruel crocodile and was not worthy of being a leader. He drove most animals away from the forest because of silly reasons. Being a leader he did not recognize the importance of a team leader instead he thought of ruling the forest with his own kind. 

  2. All the reptiles revolted against Makara because they saw the forest change from good to worse. The whole ecosystem went unbalanced the moment when Makara threw away all the other creatures in the forest. 

14. Before fleeing from his village Prem immediately grabbed some money and clothes. 

15. The writer or author of this beautiful story is Zai Whitaker. She helped start and develop many organizations for children, society, and culture. 


  1. Prem lived in a village where people spoke different languages and belonged to a different faith. 

  2. Due to religious breaks, the villagers turned ugly and started attacking and burning mosques and temples. 

17. Yes, every individual has a role in society. As per the story, Makara drives away tortoises and in their absence, the forest gets filled with a foul smell. Then Makara drives away snakes and as a result, the forest fills with rats. Then Makara drives away insect-eating lizards, the forest is filled with insects.  All of this as a result harms the ecosystem and imbalances them. So, to have a good society every individual is important. 

18. Yes, Prem was definitely motivated by hearing the story of the old man. He always wanted to live in peace and harmony and the story proved that. Without harmony, teamwork, and acceptance a society cannot grow. These are what Prem learned from the story narrated by the old man. 

19. The last animal that was ordered to leave the village by Makara was all the insect-eating lizards. 

20. The moral of this story is to accept every individual in society as all of them have a role to play. The young generation must be taught the importance of each and every individual in society. This way everyone can grow together faster.

Benefits of The What Happened to The Reptiles Worksheet

Vedantu offers a free worksheet for NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English What Happened to the Reptiles Question Answer of the Supplementary Reader - A Pact with the Sun. These solutions will enable students to easily tackle textbook and exercise questions while improving their English writing skills. Our panel of qualified teachers solved the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English to provide well-structured solutions.

Examples of The Shepherd Treasure Question Answer

1. What does the narrative tell us?

Answer: What Happened to the Reptiles Summary teaches us the importance of every individual in society, whether human or animal. It tells us how everyone plays a crucial role in the development process of the world.

2. Where exactly is Pambupatti located?

Answer: Pambupatti is located atop a cliff on the outskirts of the woods.

3. Who took care of the narrator?

Answer: The storyteller was looked after by an older man with white hair and a white beard.

What does the PDF on The Shepherd's Treasure Story Consist of?

We have provided a complete Summary of What Happened to the Reptiles in the Forest to aid students' learning and comprehension. What Happened To The Reptiles Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun book Lesson 9 explains the lesson and the definitions of difficult vocabulary. In addition, there is also a lesson summary. 

All the exercises, questions, and answers at the back of the lesson have also been included in the pdf. There are also several other advantages of learning through pdfs: 

  • These can be easily downloaded.

  • You can learn through them at any time.

  • These provide plenty of practice questions.


What Happened to the Reptiles Worksheet for Class 6 is made available for the students as an easy-to-download PDF. CBSE Class 6 students would easily comprehend the lesson after reading the thorough Summary. When the students have finished reading the Summary in English, they can readily answer any questions about the chapter. Students can also refer to CBSE Class 6 English summary notes for review during the exam.

FAQs on CBSE Class 6 English Worksheet Chapter 9 What Happened To The Reptiles - PDF

1. 'Nature has provided a proper space for everyone and everything.' Explain in relation to the story.

No one is superior or inferior in the sight of Mother Nature. Everything, no matter how big or small, has a proper place. Makara has used his power to drive other reptiles out of the forest. But he utterly failed. Similarly, humans also try to dominate each other. Discrimination among humans is the division of caste, colour, and creed. But it is humanity that draws them together.

2. What happened when the tortoises, snakes, and lizards fled the forest?

When the tortoises, snakes, and lizards left the forest, rats multiplied and ate the young crocodile and millions of insects, which grew bigger and nastier by the day. The jungle smelled strongly of decaying fruits and animals.

3. How did the forest become peaceful again?

Crocodiles were having a difficult time. What went wrong was pointed out by a little crocodile. They were well aware that Makara was not all that powerful or proper. They summoned all of their reptilian companions to Pambupatti. Their appearance signalled the return of normal and tranquil life in the forest.