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CBSE Class 2 English Worksheet Chapter 8 The Work People Do

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CBSE Class 2 English Worksheet Chapter 8 The Work People Do - Download Free PDF with Solution

Exposing poems and stories are a very innovative way to teach new topics in a fun and engaging manner. Hence, worksheets are used to fulfill the necessary criteria of having fun and learning at the same time. The more students are involved in solving these worksheets the more they will be able to Bring out their curiosity, talents, and interests in any topic. In this English class, they will learn about What People Do.

Chapter 8 of class 2 English deals with the various jobs and community services across different fields and the names allotted for each work. It is explained in a very simple format, making it come off as very easy for students to understand and memorise. The CBSE class 2 English what people do worksheet contains all the material necessary to help comprehend this topic smoothly.

Students of class 2 will get to know many social helpers, their job descriptions, and the name of the professions, all explained clearly in the English worksheet for class 2. Yes, there are a few professions that students will already be familiar with. However, knowing the unfamiliar professions in these class 2 English worksheets with answers not only boosts their curiosity but may also be very interesting to the students. So much so, that they might want to earn that name for themselves in the coming future.

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Benefits of Learning Chapter 8 The Work People Do in Class 2 English Worksheet

The what people do class 2 English worksheet pdf consists of various easy-to-understand questions written in the language that can be effortlessly understood by the students. The professions and descriptions are all elaborated in a straightforward way, allowing students to perfectly solve all the questions in the English worksheet for class 2  present in the pdf.

The class 2nd unit 8 question answer is very efficient and helpful to the teachers of the class 2 students. By going through these class 2 English worksheets with answers, students and their mentors are able to assess the development of the level of their students’ understanding while also being able to expand the awareness of their knowledge by getting to know various teaching styles, successfully getting the children to grasp this topic.

To improve the quality of the oral standards and reading skills of students, the majority of these worksheets have been created and edited by professional educators, English teachers, and linguists.

Examples of Usage of The Work People Do Class 8 English

These are a few usual what people do in class 2 English worksheet pdf examples :

  1. Guess the community helpers :

  • I will tell you what pills to take when you are sick. What am i?

  • I mix chemicals and invent new things to make your lives easier. What am I?

  • I teach subjects at schools. What am I?

  • I make delicious food for you and your family. What am I?

  • I play the piano at various concerts and functions. What am I?

  • I make trips to space to explore the universe. What am I?

  • I carry out rescue operations to save you from fire emergencies. What am I?

  1. Fill in the blanks :

  • She sells fruits in the streets. She is a _____.

  • He takes regular swims into the sea to acquire treasure. He is a _____.

  • She can get information about the universe without flying out to space. She is a _____.

What Does The PDF Consist Of?

  • Pdfs are a smart and time-saving way to learn and create material for students across numerous education fields.

  • Since the popularity and usage of technology has drastically increased and will only continue to increase further, there have been many services and amenities made available.

  • The pdf is one such service that proceeds to have a huge fan following, being used by almost all people working in all fields.

  • The CBSE class 2 English what people do worksheet pdf is made available at Vedantu’s website and can be downloaded for free.

  • Students will easily understand this chapter through these pdfs and can be accessed at any time, anywhere, as it won’t be lost very easily either.


This chapter is very interesting and not that hard for students to study and remember. To increase their overall understanding of this chapter, several other worksheets are present at our website that contain class 2nd unit 8 question answers, which can be solved quite quickly and freely.

FAQs on CBSE Class 2 English Worksheet Chapter 8 The Work People Do

1. What is the difference between a doctor and a surgeon?

A doctor is somebody who prescribes pills and medication for your sickness, whereas a surgeon conducts surgeries in your body to get rid of/heal certain illnesses.

2. What is somebody who writes sentences for songs?

A songwriter or a lyricist.

3. Who is somebody who lives in your house and performs duties such as gardening, cooking, household chores, etc?

A butler, the chief manservant in any house.