Why You Should Refer D.K. Goel Text Book for NCERT Solutions Accountancy

by Sagar Mankar, May 21, 2020

Accountancy is a necessity and the concepts which the subject revolves around are not really very easy to grasp. If you are studying accountancy for the first time it is imperative to read from the best book available in the market- a book that will act as a guide and give you in-depth knowledge of the subject. Here is a one-stop solution to put an end to all your Accountancy study-related queries. Refer to DK Goel Solutions Accountancy. They have solutions for both classes 11 and 12. 

What Makes D.K. Goel NCERT Solutions the Best Book for Accountancy? 

Accountancy is an important branch of Commerce that demands a significant amount of knowledge. The clearer your concept in this subject the better. Once you have strengthened your base, you can proceed to solve numerical problems of any difficulty level. D.K. Goel for NCERT Solutions Accountancy s regarded as the best book for the commerce students of CBSE board. 

All the topics of accountancy, as per NCERT syllabus, are coveted in these books in an organized chapter-wise manner. Therefore, these solutions will not confuse you. It is presented in a manner that is easy for all kinds of students to understand. By referring to this, you will get a step closer to having a great exam preparation. And you know that when you have good preparation, nothing can stop you from obtaining good marks and coming out with flying colours. 

Now, if you are choosing to download NCERT books online then there is nothing easier than downloading it from the Vedantu app. It only requires a few seconds to do so saving you a considerable amount of time and energy. Given the changed scenario, you are also saved from travelling to the bookstores looking for it. 

It is evident from the previous years’ trend that most of the solutions given in the DK Goel solution paper come in the examination. In the Vedantu app, you will get all the chapters of accountancy for both class 11 and 12 in PDF format. You can download them free of cost. This will help you gain concrete knowledge in accountancy and perform well in the exams. 

D.K. Goel NCERT Solutions: A Sneak Peek into the Book

DK Goel for NCERT Solutions covers all chapters of accountancy right from chapter 1- Meaning and Objectives of Accounting to chapter 27- Accounting Software package: Tally. Make use of the solutions given for each chapter and study in a strategic manner. You can download the solutions from the class 11 Accountancy link that you would find in the application. 

Similarly, the class 12 DK Goel Solution Accountancy can be download from another link given in the same app. All the chapters right from Accounting Partnership Firms-Fundamentals to Dissolution of a Partnership Firm are available in the Volume 1 solutions. In Volume 2, you will get the chapter Financial Statements of Companies to Cash Flow Statement. This systematic distribution of topics in the solutions will help you study in a more strategic manner. 

So, think no more. Download D.K. Goel for NCERT Solutions Accountancy from a reputable online learning app and kick-start your accountancy preparation.

Why You Should Refer D.K. Goel Text Book for NCERT Solutions Accountancy