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Celebrating National Science Day to Commemorate the Contribution of Scientists

By Puja RoySeptember 04, 2022
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National Science Day: Why do We Celebrate?

One of the most respected professions of the modern-day world is scientific research. Those who work in this domain are called scientists. They can belong to any field related to science. Their dedicated hard work and insights pave the way to a new and better future. To celebrate their contributions, we observe National Science Day on 28th February.

On this day, CV Raman, our beloved scientist, discovered and theorised the Raman Effect. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1930. To commemorate this brilliant discovery, we celebrate Science Day every year on this day in the month of February.

What is Science?

Science can be defined as a discipline where aspirants pursue knowledge and its application in different fields related to nature. In this pursuit, scientists discover untold things and invent new ideas to make things better.

For instance, Charles Darwin was a biologist and naturalist. He discovered and theorised evolution, adaptation, and natural selection. It altered all the dimensions of biology at once. Similarly, the discovery and invention of electricity literally transformed the world.

The History of Science Day

CV Raman was the first scientist to explain how the wavelength of light changes in scatters when it impacts a surface. It is called the Raman Effect. He made this discovery in the Indian Association of Cultivation of Science (IACS) in Kolkata.

He was the one to observe this effect even if it was in front of the eyes of so many scientists. He was on a trip to Europe in 1921. He was on a ship hovering over the Mediterranean Sea when he observed that light falling and refracting inside the ice made them look bluer. He observed that icebergs tend to appear blue even though white light is falling on them.

Then it hit his brilliant mind that the wavelength of light changes when it hits a surface. He experimented with ice blocks and light projected from a mercury arc lamp. He also recorded the changes in wavelengths. It is he who theorised the fact and called it the Raman Effect on 28th February 1928. Due to his remarkable discovery, he was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize in 1930.

To commemorate this remarkable discovery, the National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) chose the 28th of February 1986 as the National Science Day in India. Since then, it is being observed across the country to celebrate the contribution of scientists. This is how we can relate CV Raman National Science Day together. The first celebration was done in 1987 when the NCSTC’s proposal was passed by the Government of India.

National Science Day Celebration

National Science Day Celebration 

Why do We Celebrate Science Day?

It is because of the scientists and researchers across the domains of science, we have so many new things around us. Consider the technology we are using these days. It is the result of scientific research, deductions, and conclusions from experiments, developing laws and drawing inferences. Because of the relentless work done by scientists, we have things that make our lives easier.

Science is the part and parcel of life. Without it, we might not have evolved into sentient beings. The early men, our ancestors, were scientists too. They learned to make tools and how to make fire. They built homes and started living a stable civilised life. They also learned to develop sources of food and settled down.

It is the steady path of scientific development that led us to what we are today. We have learned to conquer the seas and stepped on the Moon. Soon, we will be able to harness green energy from sources that we don’t even think are possible.

Importance of Science Day

This day is celebrated with immense enthusiasm to educate people regarding the contribution of science. Students across the country are encouraged to pursue science as their career. They are motivated through various events conducted at different levels. Various demonstrations are done based on the science topics belonging to different fields.

The prime aim of celebrating this day is to raise awareness of the importance of science in our lives. The Government of India also facilitates scientists and other contributors in this field to encourage more innovations, discoveries, and inventions. It also ensures that the students get proper education related to science to build a better nation ahead.

With this aim, exhibitions, competitions, and programs are conducted in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. Students participate in such programs and understand the impact of science on the modern-day world. They also draw National Science Day images based on the themes decided by the NCSTC.

This is how and why National Science Day is celebrated countrywide. The students' enthusiasm is maintained at the highest level by conducting such programs on this auspicious day. We also come to know about the different historical and modern contributions made by scientists and researchers around the world.


The theme of National Science Day in 2020 was ‘Women in Science’. In the same context, the theme for the 2022 celebration was the integrated approach in technology and science toward developing a sustainable future.

The celebration of Science Day with a theme enables us to raise awareness regarding various issues we are facing too. We learn things that are happening around us. We also come to know about things that are related to our habitat, ecosystem, and our planet.

Science has immense significance in our lives. Hence, celebrating this day is a unique way to motivate young minds to follow the path of science. It will give us scientists of the future and will make our future better. It will pave the way for remarkable inventions and innovations in science and technology.