Why Should Students Prefer Online Tuition During Coronavirus Pandemic?

by Sagar, March 21, 2020

At a time, when the coronavirus cases are increasing at an alarming rate, medical experts at the World Health Organisation (WHO) are suggesting to stay indoors to avoid the infection. Since it is believed that the risk of exposing oneself to coronavirus infection can be limited by avoiding direct contact, more individuals are practising self-quarantine.  As a result, all public places with a large gathering including schools and colleges are shut down to combat its spread.

Regardless, many parents are still allowing their children to continue their home tuition. Though it may seem harmless at first, there is a significant risk of exposure associated with such a learning set-up. Also, parents may express worry regarding their children missing out on important study lessons because of social distancing. However, they ought to understand that there is an alternative way of ensuring both safety against COVID-19 and continuing regular lesson plans, i.e. online tutorial classes.

In case you are wondering, “How online tuition is going to help my child during coronavirus disease?” make it a point to weigh the system’s USPs and benefits.

Online tuition- A safer alternative

The following pointers offer a fair idea of what makes online tutorials a better alternative in this current situation –

  • Does not involve travelling: Since the classes are conducted LIVE online, students can continue their daily lessons from the safety of their home. It not just eliminates the need for travel but also helps students to save a lot of their time and energy.

As a result, one does not need to be worried about being infected with the virus while in public commutes or otherwise. Further, with the time and energy thus saved, students can focus on their lessons better and productively use the additional time.

  • Limits exposure to the infection: Both home tuition or visiting a coaching centre means, students have to come in contact with several other individuals. It increases the risk of getting infected with COVID-19. Contrarily, when students opt for online tuitions, they are not required to come in face to face contact with either the teachers or with fellow students, thus limiting the risk significantly.

Additionally, the overall features and benefits of online tutorials like Vedantu make them a viable option not just during a pandemic like a coronavirus infection, but also in general. Although staying indoors and practising social distancing is the best bet against COVID-19, individuals should practice other safety tips as well. 

Safety tips against coronavirus infection 

Practice these following tips until a potent antidote is formulated for coronavirus treatment –

1. Practice personal hygiene

Develop a healthy regime of washing your hands with hand-wash and water frequently throughout the day. In case washing hands with soap is not an option, make sure to use a sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol concentration to eliminate germs and virus effectively. Also, one must refrain from touching their nose, face, mouth and eyes with unwashed hands at all times and cover their mouth and nose properly while coughing or sneezing. 

2. Avoid crowded places

Individuals should stay at home as much as possible and avoid visiting crowded public places and transportations. If one has to go outside, they must take precautionary measures and maintain a safe distance from the crowd. School and college students should stay put at home and refrain from attending coaching classes or lectures. As a means to keep their daily lesson plan in flow, they should utilise online learning forums to continue their lessons from the safety of home.

3. Avoid close contact with sick 

Maintain a safe distance from those who are sick and are developing flu-like symptoms. Those who are sick must stay at home and avoid crowded places. Alternatively, if they must step outside, they should put on a mask before leaving their house. Also, they must carefully dispose of their used tissues in the trash. 

In case, someone in the family manifests COVID-19 syndrome and does not show any sign of improvement, make sure to inform the concerned health authority.

4. Disinfect frequently

As per the New England Journal of Medicine, coronavirus tends to remain stable for several hours and even days on surfaces. For instance, it remains stable in aerosols for at least 3 hours and can sustain up to 4 hours on copper. Whereas, in case of cardboard the period extends to 24 hours while the duration is up to 2-3 hours in stainless steel and plastics. Since COVID-19 can be transmitted through contaminated surfaces, it is crucial to disinfect everyday surfaces with disinfectants or cleansing wipes.

In addition to these, individuals should refrain from believing unverified information or spreading baseless rumours. Instead of losing their calm, one must gather only verified information and practice self-quarantine. To control the streak of panic, parents should encourage their children to partake in everyday activity from the comfort of their home. For instance, parents can help their children with their school lesson or assist them in enrolling into a potent online tutorial class. However, they should consider a few things in advance to keep the entire process smooth and productive.

Things to consider

In case, you still have doubts regarding how effective online tuitions would be as potent academic assistance, make sure to opt for a trusted learning platform.

 But then what should one look for in an online tutorial?

The following is a few of the things that one needs to check to gauge the effectiveness of an online learning portal -

a. Experienced faculty

An experienced faculty on-board tends to prove effective in imparting quality knowledge. It would directly benefit students who intend to improve their learning and gain a better understanding of different subject matter. Hence, look for an online tutorial with an experienced group of teachers. 

b. Better resources

Find out if the online tuition extends best quality learning solutions and make them readily accessible to students. Also, look for an online learning platform that makes the latest study guides available to students in the easy to access PDF format and if they incorporate the same in their live classes. 

c. Interactive

Online tutorials that encourage two-way communication to prove the most beneficial for students who intend to improve their understanding of various topics. It not just facilitates active involvement on the part of the student but also encourages them to ask questions. Such a set-up tend to help reclusive students to come out of their shell in a more comfortable and familiar environment. In turn, it encourages them to partake in one-on-one discussion and clarify their lesson-oriented queries.

d. Greater engagement

Individuals should make it a point to select an online tutorial forum that comes with a user-friendly interface. It is mainly because an easy to use application increases engagement and makes the overall experiencing learning more enjoyable. By registering with an engaging online tuition platform, students would find challenging lessons easy to understand and would, in turn, retain the information better.

e. Wide range of study solution

 Selecting an online tutorial that offers a wide range of study solution comes in handy for improving one’s overall learning experience. For instance, by downloading Vedantu App, students would not just benefit from live online classes but would also gain access to free study material for all subjects. It would also help them to strengthen their fundamentals of different subjects and the topics covered. 

f. Timely assessment 

The best way to find out if online tuitions are beneficial is by availing timely assessment and feedback. Parents should enrol their children for online tuitions which extend performance report and provide required feedback to monitor their improvement better. Additionally, it would encourage students to make the necessary adjustment.

We at Vedantu, offer students all these facilities and much more that benefit their learning experience to a great extent. Our team consists of experienced professionals who possess vast knowledge about different subject matters and are well-adept with the current school curriculum.

Also, all our study materials can be accessed for free in the form of PDF downloads from our learning apps. Students can avail study solutions and revision notes of all subjects to improve their fundamental knowledge about various topics. Now keep your child's preparation undeterred with our study material and NCERT Solutions Class 1 to 12 all subjects available on Vedantu site. 

Additionally, our app’s easy to use and interactive interface makes the learning experience fun and exciting and encourages students to clarify their chapter-based doubts effectively. Also, the ease of accessing the best quality study material across all internet-enabled devices encourages a convenient and comfortable learning environment.

So, fight the COVID-19 panic and occupy your mind with unrestrained knowledge. Download the Vedantu app now to initiate a safe learning experience!

Why Should Students Prefer Online Tuition During Coronavirus Pandemic?