Tips to Tackle Multiple Choice Questions in NEET Exam

by Sagar Mankar, June 30, 2020

With the increase in competition, every year, thousands of students appear for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). If you are somebody who has a strong determination to crack NEET exams, it is better to know about the tips to tackle multiple choice questions in NEET exam.

Moreover, you should try to solve all the questions beforehand, along with the mock tests. Also, it is necessary to check most repeated questions in NEET and practise them to become more accurate.

Working more on papers helps you to understand the theories as well. Therefore, it minimises the chances of getting incorrect solutions.

How to Crack Multiple Choice Questions Like a Pro?

As NEET exams comprise of a set of approximately 180 MCQs, it is vital to plan things correctly to get better scores. You should learn prior regarding the tips to tackle multiple choice questions in NEET exam. Selecting a wrong question can result in losing marks which can create adverse effects on your attempt.

Therefore, follow the below tips and tricks to crack the competitive examination with flying colours. These include:

  • Go Through the Question Paper Thoroughly: Have you ever imagined why it becomes difficult to answer multiple-choice questions? The reason is these questions are designed in a complex pattern. So, students often find it challenging to select the correct solution.

Therefore, it is necessary to read the questions carefully to get a more accurate answer in your bucket. Try understanding the problem by assembling all the facts present in it, as it helps to guess the solution. Don’t panic or get confused, instead try neglecting the negative ones, and consider the ones which seems apt.

  • Think Conceptually Before Answering a Question: One of the essential tips to tackle multiple choice questions in NEET exam is thinking conceptually before attempting a question. Try using a step-by-step plan to find a complex solution to these problems. Many times, students have to find correct answers from similar answers which require a tactical assessment of the questions.

For example, the following tricky physics questions and answers show how challenging it can be for a student to find the correct one.

1. Which of these Gets Considered as a Vector Quantity?

  1. Time

  2. Velocity

  3. Magnetic field intensity

  4. Mass of an object

Answer: c

2. What is the Dimension of the Magnetic Moment?

  1. [L2TL-1A]

  2. [LA]

  3. [L2A]

  4. None of these

Answer: c

  • Study Facts and Concepts Carefully to Answer Tricky MCQs: For excelling in the competitive exam, it becomes essential to study definitions, theories and various laws, etc. Therefore, studying them helps one to pass the test and select the correct questions with ease.

  • Give More Attention to NCERT Books: It becomes easier to crack multiple choice questions if you provide careful attention to NCERT books. Many times, students often find questions similar to the NCERT ones, preparing them would help you clear the exams in a single attempt.

  • Skip Guessing Answers: Practise last year’s questions papers and go through mock tests to clear the exam in the first attempt. Don’t keep guessing too much in finding the correct answer, and try solving the other questions to avoid losing marks. 

  • Make the Most of Your Time: When you are studying for competitive examinations, time management becomes an essential factor. Therefore, chalk out a proper routine and allocate equal hours for Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Try going through the chemistry MCQ for competitive exams with answers along with other complex subjects.

  • Take Care of Your Mental Health: Apart from following the tips to tackle multiple choice questions in NEET exam, it is also necessary to take care of your mind. Often, while preparing for competitive tests, students feel anxious and face insecurities. Therefore, practising meditation helps to calm down your mind, and increases the concentration in studies.

  • Practise Exercises: Besides, it is necessary to do exercises and yoga to keep your body fit to avoid falling ill. Maintaining a balanced diet and doing minor exercises keeps your body going and helps you pass the exams with flying colours.

Remember, if you want to get selected in government colleges after attempting NEET exams, your score should be above 550!

Study Plan to Crack Multiple Choice Questions in NEET 2020!

It is always preferable to go through the tips to tackle multiple choice questions in NEET exam to pass it with flying colours! Questions with numerous choices are difficult to answer unless you know the concepts well. Therefore, you should take help from both tuition classes and self-study options as they can prove beneficial for you.

Also, it is vital to go through the last year’s study paper and check the most repeated questions in NEET. You should keep in mind that answering wrong questions reduces marks and can prove catastrophic to your result.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to Guess the NEET Answers Accurately?

Ans. You should prepare for NEET exceptionally well so that you can score better grades in the MCQ exam. Few facts should be taken into consideration, such as try reading the questions thoroughly and try to eliminate the non-relevant questions at first.

2. How to Reduce Your Negative Markings in NEET 2020?

Ans. If you are planning to appear for competitive exams, such as NEET which contains negative markings, plan things strategically. Consider avoiding negative marks by skipping doubtful questions and understand how to prepare for objective type questions. 

3. How NEET Exam Marks Do Gets Calculated?

Ans. Prior calculation helps you to understand your probable scores before the test results. The total marks in the examination depend on 180 MCQs carrying 4 marks each and for each incorrect solution, there is a reduction of 1 number as a penalty.

Tips to Tackle Multiple Choice Questions in NEET Exam