Tips to Revise NCERT Biology for NEET Preparation

by Anusha Lal, May 19, 2020

NEET is the most important and the toughest of all medical entrance examinations in India. It is held annually after Class 12 boards. So, naturally, the students who occupied busy with their 12 Boards exam preparation get very little time to revise the entire 11th and 12th syllabus just before the NEET exam. During this time, revising the whole biology syllabus may seem like an impossible task. 

Firstly, as students, you must make it a point to revise biology from the NCERT books. Trust us, this book can be the best companion in your journey towards NEET success. In addition to that, you must follow some tips that will further shorten your revision time while making it more effective simultaneously.


Here are a few Useful Tips to Revise NCERT Biology for NEET Preparation:

  1. Do not Panic and Take the First Step

One of the worst things you can do to yourself during this time is to overburden yourself with worries. Revising both class 11 and 12 syllabuses may seem like an intimidating task. Remember, if you panic now, you can end up losing hope and that may, in turn, affect your performance. 

The first step that you must take is to thoroughly go through the syllabus. Identify the chapters with high weightage. List the chapters according to their importance. Then make a time table, try to revise the important chapters first before moving onto the less important chapters.

  1. Revise From NCERT Biology Book

At this time you must keep in mind that there is a crunch of time. Instead of trying to study from fancy reference books, you must stick to the basic textbook of NCERT. Not only are these books simple to understand from and easy to remember but they also have all the content necessary for the NEET exams. Keep in mind that most of the questions from NEET will be directed from this book alone. In your stipulated time (in accordance with the timetable you made) try to read the chapters multiple times. Try to go through what you have studied every once a week.

Study the book thoroughly, read every line and jot down the important points. 

  1. Solve More Questions

After you finish reading a chapter, try to solve the previous years’ NEET questions from that chapter. Perform self-tests. Try solving a number of questions in a given time. This will help you deal with time management and improve the sharpness of your mind. 

After the time is up, try comparing your answers with the answer key. See where you lag and which part of the chapter you should revise. This is called ‘Self-evaluation.’ It helps you to become more self-aware. Once you realise which questions you have wrongly answered, try to find the answers from the NCERT biology textbook.

  1. Write. Write. Write

Research shows that writing helps you remember things for a longer time. While learning or after learning, you must take time to write the things you feel are important. You should write important things to remember. Also if you have trouble remembering certain stuff, you must write it down simultaneously while reading.

So, now follow these tips carefully and kickstart your revision. Nothing is truer than the saying- practice makes perfect. You can achieve perfection only and only through thorough revision and rigorous practice. All the best to you!

Tips to Revise NCERT Biology for NEET Preparation