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Preparing Preschoolers for Summer Break

By AiswaryaMay 30, 2023
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How to Prepare Preschoolers for Summer Break?

While your child may feel thrilled to get a break from going to school every day, it may become painful to you. The summer break is not fun for parents who want to send their kids off to school and focus on their work.

While kids perform better by staying within a routine life, a holiday such as a summer break can throw them off the course. Kids who suffer from anxiety or autism are not fond of coming out of their comfort zone and doing something different to experience a productive summer break. So, what to do to keep your children occupied without disturbing their inner growth? The solutions are mentioned below. You can follow the tips to prepare preschoolers for summer break.

How Can You Prepare Your Child for Summer Break?

We have mentioned some summer tips for parents so you can get a clear insight into how you can provide your children with a fun yet productive summer.

  • Follow the Schedule

What to do during a summer break? This is more of your question than your children’s. But before you go ahead and plan something else for your kids, we suggest you follow the structure of the school. Though you may feel tempted to see your kids sleeping in late, especially on weekends, it affects your kids’ health in the long run. So, you can ask them to get up early and follow the same schedule as a school day.

Visual schedule for kids

Visual Schedule for Kids

  • Make a Visual Schedule

Why break this summer? Rather than complaining about your children’s summer break, you can try to make the days productive for your kids. As we discussed in the point above, you need to make your children follow the regular school day schedule. But what else? Getting up and going to sleep is fine, but you need to think of what your children can do during the rest of the day.

You can write down on paper when they have to eat breakfast, sit to study, etc. If you want your children to develop good habits such as reading books, you can also add that to the schedule.

This is one of those summer tips for parents that is beneficial for children who suffer from anxiety and autism. Since they feel scared to socialise and get panicked thinking about changing themselves, this schedule can help them become productive while staying home.

Parent teacher conversation

Parent Teacher Conversation

  • Talk to Your Children’s Teacher

One of the best strategies for a successful summer break is to see which areas your children need to work on and inspire them to improve themselves in those fields. To understand your children’s necessities, call your children’s teacher and ask them which are the areas where your children need to improve. Once you know them, plan the activities according to their needs. But remember, they need to be fun and productive.

  • Plan Activities

One of the strategies for a successful summer break is to plan activities for your kids. Of course, your children will not prefer to sit the entire time inside their house and do nothing. So, plan for new activities as much as possible and keep your children posted. For example, you can tell them that you have planned to go for lunch at their aunt’s home, or you have planned to take them to a park in the evening. etc.

These activities can help your children plan out the rest of the day. Not only that, one of the best ways to keep your kids during a break is to plan for play dates. It is especially beneficial for kids facing difficulty in socialising with others. You can meet a new group of people who would love to let their kids play with your kids. You can also get to know more like-minded people in this way. So, instead of thinking about what to do on the last day of summer break, let your kids make some friends during the summer by following this method.

  • Let Kids Go Out

Preparing preschoolers for summer break can be tiresome, especially if your kids have sensory issues or do not prefer to socialise much. Even though they think their home is the only haven for them, you must not let them sit in front of the computer screen or T.V screen all day long and do nothing.

It affects both the physical and mental health of a child. So, get your kids out. You can take them for a walk at a water park or beach. This is one of the best ways to keep your kids during break.

  • Get Along with Supportive People

When your children’s summer break hits, you might think why break this 

When your children’s summer break hits, you might think, why break this summer? Many of you must deal with various things. While some think of their work, others feel bad seeing other children go to camps their children cannot attend due to their sensory issues or anxiety. Though this might hurt you, remember to nurture yourself to provide a better summer break for your kids.

You can book a sitter if you do not have many friends. However, if you have friends, you can call them and talk to them to continue to have a positive attitude and keep a smile on your kids’ faces. So, instead of thinking about what to do on the last day of summer break, focus on making memories with your kids during that time.

  • Follow Routine While Travelling

One of the ways to keep your kids during the break is to travel. But instead of staying in a hotel, you can book an apartment and visit new places. You can buy some food items for eating which can help you get rid of cooking for a few days while you can focus on travelling.


Usually, summer breaks are tiresome and annoying for parents. But they can be fun and productive if you plan out the days for your kids. If you can make proper plans and find some time to spend with them, it can help them learn new things. However, if you are confused about how to help your kids spend the summer break, the tips mentioned above might help you to have some ideas.