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Top Swimming Classes in Different Cities for All Age Groups

By AiswaryaApril 24, 2024
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Introduction to Swimming Classes in Various Cities

Swimming lessons are an absolute splash for every child. It's a treat to watch them play cannon balls and practice their doggy paddle while making new pals in the pool.

But it's so much more than just enjoyment. We're talking full-body workouts that boost physical fitness and coordination. Not to mention the mental benefits like increased self-confidence and discipline that'll help them conquer all kinds of challenges down the road.

In short, signing them up for water sports and swimming classes is an investment in their future that pays off in ways you can't even imagine!

Fortunately, cities across India now offer a wide range of swimming classes catering to different age groups and skill levels, making sure your child can learn this crucial skill effectively and safely.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Swimming Class

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Swimming Class

With so many options at your disposal, selecting the right water sports and swimming classes facility in your city can be a challenging task.

Here are some non-negotiable things to look out for:

  • Location and Accessibility of Swimming Classes: Let's be honest, you don't want to drive all across town for your kid’s swimming lessons. Finding classes close to home is key for both your and your child’s convenience. Plus, it saves so much time

  • Quality and Experience of the Coaching Staff: Don't settle for just any instructor. You want a coaching staff that lives and breathes swimming, with buckets of experience and a laser focus on safety. After all, they're entrusted with your little one's well-being! So, find a swimming Sensei your child can rely on and look up to!

  • Facilities and Safety Standards of the Swimming Pool: The facilities should be spick-and-span, with well-maintained pools that check all the safety boxes. Clean water, proper drainage, slip-free decks – the whole nine yards!

  • Class Size and Personalized Attention: Smaller class sizes are where it's at. With fewer students, instructors can be real-life swimming sherpas, guiding your kid step-by-step and ensuring their unique needs are addressed

  • Programs Available for Different Age Groups: You can't teach a toddler the same way you'd teach an adult. The best programs know this and tailor their approaches to each age group's abilities and attention spans

  • Feedback and Reviews from Previous Participants: Doing your research pays off big time! Read those online testimonials and get the inside scoop from other parents. Their experiences can shine a light on the cream-of-the-crop classes

P.S. Don’t forget the fun factor! Remember to choose a swimming class that guarantees as much fun as learning!

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Top Swimming Classes in Major Cities

Top Swimming Classes in Major Cities

Major cities across India have an array of exceptional water sports and swimming classes facilities, each offering unique advantages.

Here is our pick of top swimming classes in major cities across India that are going to put a smile on your little learner’s face:


1. Coursecrown's Swimming Classes

At Coursecrown, the classes cater to all age groups - kids, adults, and toddlers. The environment is safe and serene, and the instructors are fully trained. These swimming lessons include different swimming techniques, ranging from basic to advanced. Your kid will learn how to swim in a lane, circle swim, and various techniques like crawling, breaststroke, front crawl, snorkeling, and dog paddle.

In no time, you will see your child stretch their wings in the water!

Location: Shastri Nagar 

2. Aqua Floats

With highly trained swimming instructors, Aqua Floats has facilities accessible for age groups between 7 to 60 years. From super clean pools to strict supervision, they've gone the extra nautical mile to ensure your child’s swimming experience is safe and fun.

Each coach is assigned just 20 students, allowing for personalized learning and a better understanding of the swimming lessons. Your little swimmer can float freely and swim to their fullest with all the extra attention!

Location: Rajouri Garden

3. Water Town Swim School

Time to put all those “are they old enough?” doubts to rest.

In the heart of Delhi, there's a summer camp that's making waves for the tiniest tadpoles. Water Town Swim School is the city's one-and-only aquatic wonderland designed exclusively for babies and toddlers aged 4 months to 4 years. 

Location: Palam village, New Delhi


1. Michael Phelps Swimming

A program for all age groups to learn swimming the exact same way as the legendary Olympian Michael Phelps. Get in the swimming pool with the best trainers in the city who ensure your safety at all costs.

The academy's instructors undergo a specialized training program that delves into the core elements of each curriculum level and techniques for creating engaging lesson plans for your kids.

Location: Khar West

2. Kamgar Swimming Pool

Established in 1976, the Kamgar Swimming Pool stands as one of Mumbai's oldest aquatic facilities. It offers highly affordable monthly swimming charges and conducts separate classes for children, ensuring everyone's comfort. 

Location: Dadar West

3. Saisa Swimming Pool

St. Anthony's Institute Sports Academy is open to all age groups at a minimal and affordable charge. Comfort is the first priority at Saisa, where girls and boys are trained on separate days. Girls receive training on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while boys are coached on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Location: Khar West


1. Nisha Millets Swimming Academy

This AUSTSWIM-recognized swimming facility is led by Nisha Millet, a renowned coach with a 15-year career and over 600 gold medals. Nisha's training in countries like the US and Australia has elevated the coaching standards at her academy, resulting in the successful coaching of over 12,000 swimmers across all age groups.

Location: Multiple locations including Koramangala, Ulsoor, Ashok Nagar, etc.

2. SwimLife

A summer swimming camp suitable for all age groups, focusing on both fun and safety. With certified and qualified trainers, SwimLife utilizes unique teaching methodologies in their comforting heated pools. The academy also organizes swim meets at various levels, including District, Schools, State, and intra-corporate competitions. Infants as young as 6 months can join this swimming pool in Bangalore for a fun-filled learning experience.

Location: S.R. Nagar

3. Dolphin Aquatics

This state-of-the-art swimming facility has an Olympic-size 50m, 10-lane heated pool,  and a 20m x 10m, 4-lane indoor pool. Regarded as India's premier private sports facility complex, Dolphin Aquatics offers swimming batches for all age groups.

Location: Bettahalasura


1. Strokes Swim School

A renowned swimming facility known for its world-class amenities including an ozone-treated pool that keeps the water crystal clear with fewer chemicals.

This swim school offers personalized training sessions for individuals of all ages and skill levels, and programs including life-saving training, fitness-enhancing workouts for adults, and competitive-level training for children.

Location: Venkatagiri, Jubilee Hills

2. MCH Swimming Pool

MCH Swimming Pool, a professional aquatic center owned by the Telangana Government, adheres to international cleaning standards, ensuring excellent water quality and hygiene.

MCH Swimming provides a range of programs, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimming workouts and training in survival and breath control techniques, skating, and other indoor games.

Location: Kalasiguda, Secunderabad

3. Zion Sports

This swim institute offers a variety of services, including one-mile swimming workouts, survival techniques, breath control techniques, skating, and other indoor games, all geared toward enhancing individual fitness levels.

Location: Bachupally

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How to Get Started

How to Get Started

Many water sports and swimming classes facilities offer online registration or the option to visit their facilities and enroll in person. Be prepared to provide details about your child's age, any previous swimming experience, and your preferred class timings.

Before that first class, it's essential to ensure your child is well-prepared. Invest in appropriate swimwear, such as a comfortable swimsuit and goggles, and encourage them to stay hydrated. Discuss what they can expect during the lesson, emphasizing that it will be a fun and safe learning experience.

Throughout the journey, celebrate your child's progress and set realistic goals together. Swimming is a skill that requires patience and perseverance, but the rewards are immense – a lifetime of enjoyment, fitness, and safety in the water.

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Q1: What is the typical age range for children's swimming lessons?

Ans: Most reputable water sports and swimming classes facilities offer classes for children starting as young as 6 months old. The age groups are usually divided into baby/toddler classes, preschool classes, and sessions for older kids and teenagers.

Q2: How often should swimming classes be taken?

Ans: The frequency can vary depending on your child's skill level and the program you choose. Beginner classes maybe once or twice a week, while more advanced training could involve 3-4 sessions per week. Many parents start with once a week and increase frequency as their child progresses.

Q3: What kind of safety measures should I expect at a swimming facility?

Ans: Reputable facilities have certified lifeguards present during all lessons, well-maintained pools, proper safety equipment, and clear emergency protocols. They should also have small class sizes to ensure adequate supervision.

Q4: How long does it typically take for a child to become a proficient swimmer?

Ans: The timeline varies greatly depending on the child's age, frequency of lessons, natural ability, and level of instruction. With consistent practice, many children become reasonably proficient swimmers within 6 months to a year. Advanced skills may take longer to develop.


Learning to swim is more than just a skill; it's an investment in your child's future. By enrolling them in reputable water sports and swimming classes within your city, you're opening the door to a lifetime of fun, fitness, and safety in the water. Embrace this opportunity, and watch as your child's confidence and abilities soar, one stroke at a time.

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