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Introduction to Summer Crafts for Preschool Kids

By AiswaryaApril 08, 2024
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It's the summer season: that magical time when the sun stays up past its bedtime, and your little ones start buzzing with endless energy. Need a secret weapon to entertain those vibrant spirits? How about exploring some summer projects for preschoolers?

Summer Projects for Preschoolers

These projects aren’t just a way to pass those sunny hours mindlessly. It's a gateway to enhancing your kid's creativity and cognitive skills. And let's face it, in a world where screens often steal the show, offering little ones a glue stick instead of a gadget can feel like a mini-revolution.

Importance of Summer Projects for Preschoolers

Crafting isn't just about creating something beautiful to stick on the refrigerator door (although that's a definite plus). It's about igniting imagination, fostering problem-solving abilities, and developing fine motor skills.

From the simple joy of tearing paper for a collage to the triumph of mastering scissors for the first time, summer projects for preschoolers turn these seemingly small victories into profound moments of learning and growth.

And the best part? You don't need a treasure chest of supplies or the skills of an art teacher to get started.

This summer focuses on easy, accessible crafts that promise big smiles with little hassle.

  • Think nature walks transformed into leaf-print art

  • An afternoon of backyard splatter painting

Intrigued? Want to give your child a lifelong memory of summers where creativity blossoms under the sun, where every craft stick, seashell, and piece of yarn holds the potential for adventure? Welcome to a season of laughter, learning, and a whole lot of glue with the following 5 summer projects for preschoolers.

Let's make it unforgettable.

Craft Ideas Using Recycled Materials

1. Craft Ideas Using Recycled Materials

Diving into crafting with preschoolers doesn’t have to mean a trip to the craft store laden with bags of supplies. In fact, some of the best summer projects for preschoolers start with items you’ve already used and loved.

Upcycling Old CDs into Decorative Items

Remember those CDs that are now collecting dust in the age of streaming? They're about to get a second life. With their shiny surfaces, CDs are perfect for transforming into dazzling sun catchers or quirky animal faces.

All kids need is some glue, a bit of imagination, and maybe some glitter (because let’s be honest, glitter makes everything better).

Creating Art with Recycled Cardboard

Cardboard boxes from your recent online shopping spree can become castles, rocket ships, or even a mini city!

  • Use cardboard to cut out doors and windows

  • Use markers or paint for decoration

Looking for more ways to ignite your child's imagination and problem-solving abilities this summer? Vedantu's virtual summer camp courses are what you need. In our 2-week camp, we are offering courses tailored for kids between ages 4 to  12. Check our offerings today. Limited Seats Remaining!

Summer Projects for Preschoolers that Encourage Repurposing

Everyday items around your home are ripe for repurposing into the next art project.

  • Empty toilet paper rolls can turn into a friendly family of octopuses with just a little paint and some paper for tentacles

  • Old socks missing their partners can find new life as adorable sock puppet

  • Even the humble egg carton can become a treasure chest of possibilities, from caterpillars to flower bouquets

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2. Nature-Inspired Summer Crafts

What better way to embrace the warmth and beauty of summer than with summer projects for preschoolers that draw inspiration from nature itself?

Here’s what you can plan for your little ones:

Constructing Paper Plate Boats

Imagine converting a simple paper plate into a sturdy vessel, ready to sail the high seas of your backyard pool or the calm waters of the bathtub.

With a bit of paint, some cut-out paper sails, and perhaps a pirate flag or two, these paper plate boats are your child’s ticket to adventurous seafaring without needing to leave home. This activity is a fantastic way to introduce concepts of buoyancy and design to your curious preschoolers.

Making a Smiling Sun with Paper and Paint

  • Starting with a round piece of paper or a plate as the base, children can add rays with strips of yellow and orange paper, creating a warm, smiling sun

  • Add some paint, glitter, or fabric to bring texture and depth to the sun

Crafting Summer-Themed Art Pieces Inspired by Nature

Encourage your little ones to create their summer-themed masterpieces using elements from nature by:

  • Collecting leaves, flowers, twigs, and stones

  • Using these materials to make a collage

Exploring nature through crafts is a wonderful way to learn. Vedantu offers interactive sessions on environmental science for kids, making it easier to connect crafts with educational content in a fun and engaging way.

3. Crafts to Beat the Summer Heat

When the summer sun turns up its furnace, it's the perfect time to explore some cool summer projects for preschoolers that are perfect for indoor fun away from the midday sun.

Painting Hot Air Balloons Reminiscent of Summer Skies

Baby Rapunzel loved painting lanterns. So will your little ones.

If not lanterns, you can definitely teach them how to draw hot air balloons.

All kids need for this craft include:

  • Some paper and paint

  • Perhaps a few balloon stickers for inspiration

Use this opportunity to talk about the science of hot air balloons and how they rise, turning a fun craft into a learning moment.

Making Paper Plate Ice Cream

Letting your little ones put their hands on such fun summer projects for preschoolers sparks their creativity.

All they will need to do is:

  • Transform paper plates into delightful ice cream cones with a scoop (or three!) of painted or paper-crafted ice cream on top

  • Add sprinkles made from cut-up paper, glitter, or even tiny beads for a textured effect

Creating Watercolor Artworks

Watercolor painting is the king (and queen) of all summer projects for preschoolers. It's a fluid, mesmerizing process that’s also incredibly relaxing.

  • Set up a comfortable spot and let your child explore the blend of colors on paper

  • Encourage them to create abstract pieces or more structured scenes inspired by summer—think beaches, ocean waves, or sunsets

  • It's a fantastic way to introduce concepts of color mixing and water absorption, subtly blending art and science

In addition to watercolor painting, consider other cool-down art summer projects for preschoolers like:

  • Crafting with clay

  • Making simple jewelry from beads

  • Imaginative and Playful Craft Ideas

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4. Imaginative and Playful Craft Ideas

Designing Cardboard Binoculars for Outdoor Exploration

Every little explorer needs a pair of binoculars to survey the great outdoors—or the mysteries of the backyard.

Once you help them make binoculars from cardboard, encourage them to:

  • Decorate those binoculars with markers, stickers, or paint

  • Attach a string so the binoculars are always close at hand during expeditions

Constructing Imaginative Play Items Out of Simple Materials

The magic of crafting summer projects for preschoolers lies in transforming simple materials into treasures.

  • A box becomes a rocket ship

  • A paper towel tube transforms into a telescope

  • A few scraps of fabric turn into capes for superheroes

Fostering Pretend Play Through Creative Craft Projects

Pretend play is a symbol of a happy childhood. It’s one of those amazing summer projects for preschoolers that allows kids to explore different roles and scenarios in a safe environment.

  • Crafting items like paper crowns, fairy wands, or even a DIY puppet gives children the tools to dive deeper into their imaginative play

  • These activities build storytelling skills

5. Educational Craft for Summer Learning

Educational summer projects for preschoolers can seamlessly incorporate key concepts such as counting, colors, science, and literacy into activities that feel like adventures rather than lessons.

Here are some ideas you can try!

Integrating Counting and Colors into Craft Activities

  • Imagine creating a vibrant caterpillar with a body made of colorful pom poms or paper circles

  • As your child selects each piece, engage them in counting out loud and naming the colors

Using Crafts to Explore Basic Science Concepts

Summer projects for preschoolers can serve as a dynamic entry point into the wonders of science. For instance,

  • Constructing a weather chart with symbols for sunny, cloudy, rainy, and windy days sparks discussions about the science behind each phenomenon

  • Planting seeds in decorated pots combines art with biology, offering a lesson on plant growth and what living things need to thrive

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Crafts that Encourage Reading and Storytelling

Creating bookmarks decorated with their favorite characters or themes motivates kids to mark their progress in summer reading.

Another idea is to have children illustrate their own storybooks. After crafting these books:

  • They can fill the pages with tales of their own creation

  • This encourages literacy skills and allows kids to express themselves

Integrating learning into summer fun has never been easier. Vedantu’s range of courses for young learners covers everything from basic science concepts to reading and storytelling, ensuring a summer filled with growth and discovery.

Parental Involvement and Shared Crafting Activities

The bond between you and your child is like no other, and engaging in summer projects for preschoolers can strengthen this connection. When you dive into the creative process, it sends your little one a powerful message: Your interests are important to me.

Ideas for Parents and Preschoolers to Craft Together

Start with these simple summer projects for preschoolers that don't require perfect outcomes:

  • Paper Airplane Construction: This simple activity can lead to discussions about physics in an easy-to-understand way

  • Homemade Playdough Creation: Mix up a batch of homemade playdough together

  • Fairy Garden Assembly: Encourage imagination by building a fairy garden with natural materials

  • Nature Collages: Use collected leaves, twigs, and flowers to make collages

  • Stone Painting: Let them paint stones with different images or words. These can then be used to tell stories or play games

  • Cardboard Castle Building: Transform large cardboard boxes into a castle, spaceship, or whatever your child imagines

  • Sock Puppet Crafting: Make sock puppets using old socks, buttons, and fabric scraps. This activity is perfect for crafting and then putting on puppet shows

Tips for Making Crafting Educational and Fun for Both

  • Follow Your Child's Interests: Choose summer projects for preschoolers that they love. For instance, if they're fascinated by dinosaurs, consider creating dinosaur masks from paper plates

  • Integrate Learning Naturally: Incorporate educational elements seamlessly into crafts, such as counting objects, identifying shapes, or discussing colors

  • Encourage Questions and Exploration: During the craft, ask open-ended questions, like, What do you think will happen if we mix these colors? or Why do you think this glue is stronger than tape?

  • Take your Time: Avoid rushing through summer projects for preschoolers. Enjoy the process and take the opportunity to explore and discuss various concepts

  • Create Together: Work on shared summer projects for preschoolers where both you and your child contribute equally


Remember those sun-drenched afternoons of your childhood, when hands were painted with colors, grass stains were on your knees, and the whole world was a canvas for imagination?

That's the gift you're giving your kid when you dive into summer projects for preschoolers with them.

These moments aren't just about glue sticks and glitter. They're building blocks for creativity, problem-solving skills, and precious memories that will outlast the season.

Each project, no matter how small, is a stepping stone in their developmental journey.

  • After a visit to the beach, collect shells and sand to make a textured collage or a memory jar

  • A day spent in nature could lead to a leaf and flower pressing project, capturing the beauty of the outdoors in a creative display

  • Use photos from zoo trips as prompts for drawing animals out of clay

Looking for ways beyond summer projects for preschoolers to make the season productive? Vedantu’s live, interactive classes offer educational crafts that you and your preschooler can enjoy together, deepening the bond between you while learning something new.

Book a free demo call with our experts today! Here's to a summer filled with creativity, connection, and colorful memories that will warm your heart for years to come.