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Art Ideas for Kids: Outdoor Line Drawing

By AiswaryaMay 30, 2023
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Different Outdoor Line Drawing Ideas for Kids You Need to Know

Whenever kids stay home for a summer or Christmas break, every parent must have heard the most common complaint about their boredom. The parents must help kids get involved in learning some simple things in a way they can enjoy the process. Playing is considered the only enjoyment for kids. But apart from playing, kids can also enjoy doing some outdoor drawing.

The best part of doing outdoor drawing is that it does not need much investment except your time and a few ideas. So, if you are confused about which outdoor drawing ideas can help your children to learn more about art and craft, then follow the art ideas for kids’ outdoor line drawing mentioned below.

Outdoor Line Drawing Ideas for Kids

  1. Chalk Painting

If you want your courtyard to look a little colourful, consider the art things to draw with chalk. Though this activity takes a little time, it is one of the best outdoor drawing ideas for kids.

Required Materials:

  • Colourful chalk

  • Masking tape

How to Make the Art:

  • Firstly, sweep the floor for this line art project for elementary students.

  • Now, take a masking tape and use it to create an outline. Do not try to use the masking tape in one go because that would not outline properly. 

  • Lastly, take the colourful chalk and paint the shapes you have created using the masking tape.

  • Once you cover the shapes with colourful chalk, peel off the masking tape, and that is it. Your art things to draw with chalk are complete now.

Nature's Paintbrush

Nature's Paintbrush

  1. Nature Paintbrush

Are your kids fond of painting? If they are, then they must be fond of paintbrushes too. So, one of the best outdoor drawing ideas is to create a paintbrush with green leaves.

Required Materials:

  • Green leaves ( try to use pine trees)

  • Stick

  • A rubber band or thread

How to Make the Nature Paintbrush:

  • First, take the stick and try to place the green leaves one by one around the stick.

  • Once it is complete, tie them up using a rubber band or a thread and voila! Your paintbrush is ready.

  1. Bark Rubbing Art

Bark rubbing is one of kids' simplest and classic outdoor drawing ideas. Not only that, it can enhance kids’ sensory experience too.

Required Materials:

  • White paper

  • Crayons

How to Make this:

  • Firstly, ask your kids to take a piece of white paper.

  • Now attach the white paper to the bark of a tree and rub the crayons on the paper.

  • By rubbing the crayons, you can make any shape you want.

  1. Seashell Art

If your kids love to collect sea shells, stones, etc., then it is the best outdoor art idea for them. Below, we have mentioned how to make seashell art. Check out the steps to know how to make that.

Required Materials:

  • Sea shells

  • Feathers

  • Thread

  • Glue

How to Make a Seashell Art:

  • Take a white coloured paper.

  • Now, take the seashells and stones and place them on the paper. 

  • Once you are sure what you will create, glue the seashells and the feathers on the paper, and that is it. Your drawing using the seashells is ready for display now.

Bark Rubbing art

Bark Rubbing art

  1. Coloured Mud

If your kids love to stay outside and adopt some outdoor drawing ideas, they can add some colour to the mud and paint anything on the paper.

  1. Rock Paintings

Who does not want a little colour in the house? Make a rock painting on the wall at home and add some colour to your house.

Required Materials:

  • Colours

  • Stones

  • Paintbrush

How to Make this:

  • Add some colour to the rocks.

  • Then keep them attached to the wall using your hand.

  • Lastly, use a paint brush to smudge the paint on the wall.

  1. Salt Art

Salt art, though not stable, is suitable for outdoor drawing ideas for kids. Add some food colour to the salt, scatter those on the floor, and create various shapes.

  1. Leaf Rubbing Art

One of the line art projects for elementary students is leaf rubbing art. All you need to do is take a leaf and rub your crayons over it by placing it on the paper. Once complete, you can take your crayons and do the outline if you want.

  1. Bouquet

Who says that you can only use flowers for making beautiful bouquets? You can make the same using sticks, colourful leaves, and flowers.

Required Materials:

  • Colourful flowers

  • Colourful leaves

  • Stick

  • Thread

How to Make the Bouquets:

  • Take the flowers and leaves and tie them together by using a thread. 

  • Now, you can attach two sticks on both sides to give it a more beautiful look.

  1. Branch Art

Branch art is one of the best outdoor art ideas for kids. This kind of art idea helps children to identify various colours.

Required Materials:

  • A thin branch of a tree

  • Oil colours

  • A white paper

How to Make the Branch Art:

  • Take a piece of paper and place it on a table or floor. Make sure that the paper is not crooked or folded on any side.

  • Now, take a thin tree branch and dip it in any oil colour bottle.

  • Now, draw on the paper using the branch slowly. Make sure the paper does not get holes in the process. Using this process, you can draw anything. But this process is suitable for drawing landscapes.


It is good to help kids learn how to draw from a very early stage of their lives. It helps them to understand the colours and develop artistic expertise. But we all know that kids are not good with colours. So help them learn to use colours by indulging them in the outdoor drawing. You can help your kids follow any of the art ideas for kids’ outdoor line drawing, or you can encourage them to work on new ideas too.