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16 Summer Camp Decorations, Crafts, and Project Ideas

By AiswaryaApril 20, 2024
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One significant challenge every parent faces during summer vacations is keeping their kids engaged. Sending them to a summer camp is one option, but sometimes, it might be challenging.

16 Summer Camp Decorations, Crafts, and Project Ideas

Budget constraints, extreme weather, the simple desire to spend summers away from the crowd, and the reluctance to send little ones to camps physically — we’ve seen and heard all. But no reason is ever big enough to keep children holed up throughout their vacations.

With Vedantu’s virtual summer camp courses, you can give your kids an ultimate learning and fun experience from the comfort of your home. Explore our super affordable camp offerings today!

That’s not all!

We have walked the extra mile and created this guide that will inspire you to implement easy summer camp decoration ideas in your home. Yes, that’s really possible!

Using summer camp decoration ideas to engage children creates an environment where fun and learning go hand-in-hand. Moreover, arts and crafts projects also make children better at solving problems. As a result, their confidence increases.

Eager to see how their decorations and crafts can turn something mundane into magical? If so, here’s a list of some of 16 best summer camp decoration ideas you can explore with your kids!

Arts & Craft Project Ideas

Arts & Craft Project Ideas

Every child has an artistic bug waiting to be discovered. And through the summer camp decoration ideas and projects discussed in this section, you can help your child find theirs!

1. Tie Dye for Vibrant and Colorful Creations

Tie-dyeing is a fantastic way for children to learn about color mixing and pattern making.

Engage your little ones in creating a T-shirt, a bandana, or a tote bag—keep their age in mind so they can learn without getting overwhelmed.

2. Rock Painting

Rock Painting

Rock painting is the next popular summer camp activity you can plan just as easily at home.

Encourage your little ones to collect rocks during nature walks (or from the backyard). They can then transform these rocks into colorful artworks using paints and markers. This activity teaches children how to appreciate the beauty of natural elements.

3. Paper Crafts for Imaginative Play

Paper crafts are simple and versatile. Depending on how young your little one is, you can help them make the following items.

  • Colorful paper fish for an aquarium

  • Puppets that they can show off to their friends after their school reopens

These activities help in developing motor skills in young children.

4. Nature-Inspired Crafts

Nature provides many items at your disposal that your child can use to create artwork.

  • Leaf Painting: It involves painting directly on leaves, using them as natural canvases, or pressing them onto paper to create interesting patterns

  • Nature Collages: These can be made from a collection of found items like leaves, twigs, and petals. They create a beautiful piece of natural art when arranged on a canvas or paper

5. Recycling Projects

Recycling Projects

Recycling projects are particularly educational as they teach children about sustainability and how they can help protect the planet.

You can provide your little ones with these simple household items that would otherwise be discarded:

  • Bottle caps to make murals

  • Cardboard rolls to make sculptures

  • Old CDs to make decorative hangings

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DIY Camp Crafts for Skill Development

Who said children need moral science lectures from a book to learn life skills and values? When you choose suitable DIY activities, they’ll automatically develop patience and attention to detail.

We’ve compiled some such easy summer camp DIY ideas that are particularly effective for skill development. Have a look!

6. Mosaic and Button Art

Mosaic and button art require detailed work and a lot of focus. The material needed for these activities is pretty basic and won’t cost you a fortune.

  • For Mosaic Art: small tiles, pieces of colored glass, stones, a sturdy base such as a wooden board or a thick canvas

  • For Button Art: colorful buttons, glue, and a base like fabric or canvas

These activities work because children need to arrange small pieces like tiles or glass to form patterns or pictures. It improves:

  • Motor Skills and Concentration

  • Spatial Awareness

  • Planning Abilities

7. Textile and Yarn Crafts

Textile and Yarn Crafts

Textile crafts like felting, weaving, and crocheting allow children to explore different textures and work with colorful materials.

All you’ll need is yarn, needles, looms for weaving, and hooks for crocheting.

Projects can be scaled to suit various skill levels, ensuring your child feels challenged yet capable. These activities offer the following benefits.

  • These crafts enhance sensory development and color recognition skills

  • They help develop patience and pattern-following skills

  • They might kickstart a lifelong hobby

8. Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making

This sounds too tough and time-consuming, but crafting jewelry using simple materials is very easy. Besides, children love building things that they can use as gifts.

You can use basic materials such as natural stones, beads, wire, and string. Using these simple items, your little ones can bead a friendship bracelet or a simple necklace you can proudly show off.

Besides learning how to make handmade gifts, jewelry-making can also teach your kids these additional skills.

  • They can learn about the basics of geometric shapes by creating specific patterns

  • Their motor skills, patience level, and concentration power will improve

9. Science Crafts

Fun with colors, stones, leaves, and beads is undoubtedly a hit summer camp activity, as is science craft.

Simple science projects such as building straw rockers are immensely educational.

Here’s why you must include these projects in your child’s summer to-do list.

  • They nudge kids to use analytical thinking, which makes them better at problem-solving

  • Building and launching straw rockets teaches basic aerodynamics and physics.

  • Children also learn about the effects of air pressure and force through practical demonstration 

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Interactive and Educational Craft Projects

Engaging children in interactive and educational craft projects during summer camp combines learning with fun. Choose an activity from our list based on which study areas require more attention and your child’s age.

10. Mad Scientist Camp

A common camp theme, mad scientist, is about bringing out creativity through science experiments.

You can pick something age-suitable from the following options:

  • Making slime with custom color mixes

  • Constructing simple circuits with LED lights and batteries

  • Creating volcano eruptions with paint to study chemical reactions

These activities are extremely helpful in enhancing analytical thinking. They encourage children to experiment and solve problems.

11. Outdoor Exploration Crafts and Nature-Based Projects

We’re not talking about complicated projects here. Your little ones can start with something as simple as leaf identification or creating eco-friendly art with twigs and leaves. For those extra curious young minds, you can help them construct simple bird feeders from recycled materials.

  • These projects teach kids about biodiversity

  • They improve observational skills

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12. Mini Top Chef Cooking Camp

Mini Top Chef Cooking Camp

Cooking is an essential life skill that extends far beyond a hobby. You don’t have to send your child to a camp or class to teach them how to cook; you can do it at home.

  • Start by teaching them the importance of washing fruits and vegetables

  • Teach them how to chop safely

  • Simple recipes such as preparing a bowl of fruit salad or smoothie can kickstart their interest

If your child takes an immense interest in cooking, you can also teach them how to bake.

You can also give these culinary activities an educational twist.

  • Ask your kids to identify different colors as they wash and dice veggies and fruits

  • Talk about the importance of consuming organic food

  • Teach them how to measure ingredients to include a bit of math

13. Beach Dance Party

Beach Dance Party

This theme could include making musical instruments from recycled materials, choreographing simple dance routines, or designing costumes for a dance face-off between family members.

This will teach your kids many skulls beyond just dancing.

  • They will get better at hand and body coordination

  • They will get physically for

  • They will also learn how to be better team players by collaborating

If you're looking for ways to complement these at-home camp ideas with structured educational content, Vedantu's Mental Math Course could be the perfect fit.

Special Projects and Activities for Summer Camp

If your children are extra skilled or hyperactive and simple activities won’t be able to hold their attention, you can pick something special from the activities we’ve assorted in this section.

14. Puffy Paint Art and Salt Dough Ornaments

If your little one is an artistic genius, engaging them with puffy paint to create three-dimensional art pieces that pop off the paper might be a great idea.

Another activity is making Salt dough ornaments. It offers a hands-on experience, as children can mold, bake, and paint their creations.

Most items needed for these activities can be found in your kitchen.

  • Puffy paint will require flour, baking soda, salt, and food coloring

  • Salt dough needs similar ingredients and can be baked to harden

15. Paper Lanterns and Plate Masks

Paper Lanterns and Plate Masks

This is a fun activity suitable for kids aged 8 and up. How you involve them in the process will also determine the task’s difficulty level.

Crafting paper lanterns and decorative masks from paper plates allows children to create festive décor. These items can be painted, covered in glitter, and embellished with various craft materials.

16. Macramé Projects

These projects can use basic knotting techniques to make simple keychains, more complex wall hangings, or friendship bracelets.

Knitting in itself can ignite an interest in fashion design, but there’s so much more it can teach.

  • It makes children better at staying focused on the task at hand

  • As they master more challenging patterns, they get more patient

  • As children learn to follow patterns and create consistent knots, their spatial awareness increases


Choosing fun summer camp decoration ideas and activities for your child can transform their vacation. The many activities and ideas we’ve discussed in this guide will give wings to your child’s imagination. However, consider your child’s interest and age when selecting an idea.

The whole point behind making them perform these tasks is to improve their confidence. If you choose something that’s beyond their age, it might demotivate them.

As you explore these summer camp activities, consider Vedantu for deepening your child's learning journey. Explore our special Super Kids Program. Our unique offerings will make your kid great at English speaking, storytelling, coding, and so much more.