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Streams in Class 11: How to Choose for a Better Academic Decision?

By ShiwaniApril 17, 2023
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Options for Class 11 Streams

Class 11 is the first step of your higher secondary education. To make the right decision, you must learn about the streams in Class 11. Gather as much information as you can to carefully consider the subjects included in each stream for Class 11.

In this blog, we will help you find out the latest list of subjects included in the stream of Class 11. It will help students interested in choosing arts, commerce and science streams at this level of education.

Streams in Class 11: How to Choose a Stream After Class 10?

Learning Class 11 Streams is Crucial

A student gets a clear idea of his academic skills. Choosing a stream will require the consideration of interest, aptitude, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, long-term goals, personality and other factors.

Remember, your venture to find which stream is best for Class 11 will determine the future of your academic course. Based on your decision, you will take the necessary steps and progress along a defined academic path to achieve excellence and set your career on the right track. We can clearly understand that self-awareness is the key to choosing a stream. Before realising that, you need to understand which streams are available to choose from for Class 11 academics.

You can seek assistance and support from parents, tutors, counsellors and senior students to understand the various aspects of different streams. To make your approach more organized and defined, you must understand the subjects in the streams designed for Class 11.

Detailed Lists of Class 11 Streams and Respective Subjects

The streams you can choose after Class 10 are:

  • Science

  • Commerce

  • Arts/Humanities

These streams can be pursued in the following national and state boards of education. The syllabuses and subject lists may vary from board to board.

You can either continue studying in the same education board you have followed for Class 10 or switch based on the circumstances. Let us take a quick look at the subjects in the specific streams for Class 11.

  1. Science

The national, international and state education boards include the same subjects for the Class 11 and 12 Science stream.

There are certain combinations designed for science aspirants to choose from. For instance, engineering aspirants generally choose Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) as non-medical subjects. On the contrary, medical aspirants choose Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) as the subject combination to prepare for entrance exams.

Some aspirants decide to study all four subjects (PCMB) to prepare for engineering and medical entrance exams conducted state-wide and nationwide. These streams are designed to offer a better resolution for pursuing engineering, medical, core and applied science subjects related courses later.

  1. Commerce

As the name suggests, this stream in Class 11 comprises subjects like Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Mathematics, Languages, etc. There are elective and main subjects to choose from and make a combination.

The Commerce stream of Class 11 and 12 has the subject combinations that make aspirants prepare for future professional courses linked to finance, banking, chartered accountant, economist, business management, etc.

  1. Arts/Humanities

There are multiple subjects included in this Class 11 stream. You will find History, geography, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, etc, to choose from and make a subject combination to study at the higher secondary level of education.

This Class 11 Arts stream includes the subjects that help students pursue a career in law, psychology, history, archaeology, journalism, etc. To choose this stream, you need to clear your vision and find out what you want to become.

Board-wise Subject Selection For Class 11 Streams

Now that we have understood what subjects one can choose after deciding to study in a particular stream in Class 11, let us find out what the education boards allow you to do regarding choosing a subject combination.

  1. CBSE Board

Class 11 and 12 academic curriculums mandated by the CBSE education authority allow you to choose a maximum of 9 subjects. The minimum number of subjects you can select in any stream of Class 11 is 5.

A student has to choose a language and four elective subjects at least to make a fruitful combination. For example, your Class 11 Science subjects, such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology (PCMB) can be paired with English as a main subject to make a perfect combination for the science stream.

  1. CISCE Board

It is the education board for Class 11 and 12, following the ICSE board of education for Class 10. This board allows you to choose subjects in Class 9. Based on the options you have chosen at the secondary level of education, you can make further choices in Class 11. A student can choose 5 elective subjects and a language in this aspect.

  1. IGCSE Board

In the same context, you must choose at least 5 subjects available in a Class 11 stream. It is then you will become eligible to pursue a course.

  1. State Boards

These boards design the streams in Class 11 and make subject combinations to assist you in pursuing pre-university education. The syllabuses of the main and elective subjects remain the same to help students prepare for entrance exams.

Class 11 Stream Should Match Your Preferences

You now know how many streams there are in the 11th Class for specific boards. It is time to consider which subjects you like the most to study. Choose your subject combination accordingly. If you need guidance, connect with our education counsellors, understand the subjects and make a good decision. Get academic assistance from our subject experts to advance your academic course.

FAQs on Streams in Class 11: How to Choose for a Better Academic Decision?

1. Where can I find out the 11th Science subjects list?

Visit our official website to learn the combination of subjects available for Class 11 Science. Check the syllabuses and subject combinations you can go with.

2. Should I choose subjects I like to study in Class 11?

Yes. Your favourite subjects will show you the right path to follow and pursue a career after your higher secondary education ends.

3. Should I follow what my senior peers are pursuing in Class 11?

No. You should follow your preferences and long-term goals. Seek information from your seniors and experts to make an informed decision only.