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Role of NCERT Solutions in IIT JEE and NEET Preparation

By Arihant JainMay 12, 2020
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Role of NCERT Solutions in IIT JEE and NEET Preparation

IIT-JEE and NEET are amongst the toughest exams in India. Toughest not only because of the conceptual knowledge one requires to attempt them, but tough because, for a mere 11,289 seats in IIT and 31,000 seats in NEET, lakhs of students compete with putting in years of preparation. When the stakes are that high no student can compromise on their preparation. NCERT Solutions is the godsend study material for aspiring students, a perfect NEET Preparation and IIT JEE 2022 preparation companion. NCERT Textbook Solutions has an extensive reach covering each and every chapter and concept which will attack students in JEE and NEET. At Vedantu, we have dedicated NCERT study Solutions, more precisely NCERT Book available freely on the website.

Since, IIT JEE and NEET are both time based, conceptual knowledge testing and memory based exams preparation to crack IIT JEE or to crack NEET should be done according to the exam and for students, it is at times confusing on how to make the most of the NCERT Solutions. Hence in this article let's try to find out first how NCERT Textbook Solutions are preferred to crack IIT JEE or to crack NEET and how to make the most of NCERT Solutions for your IIT JEE 2022 preparation and NEET Preparation.

How to crack IIT JEE with NCERT Solutions

When starting out on a journey of preparation to crack IIT JEE it is eminent for any aspirant to devise a solid preparation plan. Many students invest their full focus on their study plan, manage time efficiently, does everything they can perfectly but still end up not cracking IIT JEE. Here the emphasis a student gives should be a balanced one, having a IIT JEE 2022 preparation time table is just as important as choosing the right study material and also making the most of it in order to crack IIT JEE. Forging a time table first and then going out selecting study material can result in several avoidable changes in your IIT JEE study plan. Hence make it a habit to choose it beforehand and while at it NCERT Solutions is the best material to follow to crack JEE some of the reasons are listed below:

  • • NCERT Solutions contains all important IIT JEE preparation topics, hence you get what you need all in one place. Plus on Vedantu website we have made NCERT Textbook Solutions readily available so that students don't have to look into too many sites.

  • • Unlimited practice in NCERT Solutions: Yes can be by far the most important essence to answer the question How to crack IIT JEE with NCERT Solutions? One needs a lot of practice in order to crack IIT JEE. This is a significant reason due to which students should not doubt the Role of NCERT Solutions in JEE preparation.

  • • The NCERT solutions is put together by expert teachers who have created the material after extensive research to provide only the best to the students.

  • • In IIT JEE Chemistry Organic section many questions are asked directly from the NCERT solutions. Hence if a student wants to crack IIT JEE they should follow NCERT Solutions even when following other study material.

  • • Easy to understand concepts reduces student efforts while attempting to crack IIT JEE. Saved time then can be used in revision or tests.

  • • Authenticity of the NCERT Solutions will be the last thing an IIt JEE aspirant should think about while IIT JEE 2022 preparation.

  • • A Strong fundamental in IIT JEE 2022 preparation goes a long way and helps to crack IIT JEE. NCERT solutions are the best study material available to learn and strengthen your weak spots. In order to crack IIT JEE it is equally important to look-out for your weak concepts.

  • Role of NCERT Solutions in NEET Preparation

    Just like IIT JEE for engineering students, NEET is the most important exam for students inclined towards medical sciences. Every future doctor now has to crack NEET in order to fixate their seat in top medical colleges. NCERT Solutions will help your NEET Preparation equally as it does for IIT JEE preparation hence there is no need to be skeptical about using a book used for engineering students as well. NCERT Textbook Solutions help get an edge amongst others as students will realize while reading it that there is an extensive coverage which is there in the book.

    NCERT Solutions is the best material to follow along with others to crack NEET for some of the many reasons listed below:

  • • In NEET students also attempt physics and chemistry questions hence from NCERT Solutions, students get coverage of all their subjects in great detail. Each chapter, every concept is explained in such a way that it becomes very easy to understand and remember which increases the chances to crack NEET.

  • • The pattern of NEET exam varies every year, therefore, students might think that the NEET Preparation should also differ, however with NCERT Solutions you need not worry about it because there is still a large number of questions asked each year from NCERT, hence in your NEET Preparation make sure to include NCERT Solutions every step of the way.

  • • NCERT Solutions also helps in your biology preparation and almost assures a good score `because a majority of questions in NEET are asked directly from NCERT. NCERT Solutions also provides conceptual understanding from all the chapters, as biology is an important subject for a medical student having crystal clear concepts and strong foundation helps them in future studies.

  • • As stated for IIT JEE, similarly the NCERT Solutions is authentic as far as your goal of cracking NEET is concerned. Although students should also refer to other study material with NCERT Solutions.

  • That being said Study material alone will not be sufficient to crack IIT JEE or crack NEET, equal amounts of dedication and hard work yields best results in IIT JEE 2022 preparation or NEET 2022 Preparation. NCERT Solutions clubbed with notes from schools and rigorous revision with unlimited tests should ensure a NEET or JEE rank.

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