Road to Success for NEET Aspirants

by Aparajita Das, July 15, 2020

NEET is one of the most important entrance exams for medical aspirants in India. As the syllabus for NEET includes all topics from 11th and 12th Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, many students often wonder what exactly is the route map for succeeding in NEET. Well, to begin with, believing in yourself will take you halfway through the road to success for NEET. There are several phases of the road to success for NEET examination and you need to follow a proper plan in every stage of your journey to get through with flying colours. 

  1. Keep The Updated NEET Syllabus Handy 

First things first, download the updated syllabus for NEET from its official website and keep it handy. You will get topics from 11th and 12th grades’ Physics, Chemistry, and Biology syllabus so make sure you note down your problem areas and strengths from the syllabus. Once you have sorted the topics according to the levels of difficulty and weightage, it will become easier for you to plan ahead.

  1. Follow a Rigorous Study Planner

There is no alternative to following a rigorous timetable for succeeding in the NEET examination. When you chalk out a timetable for NEET make sure you plan to devote equal timeslots for all three subjects, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. One thing to note here is that your timetable should not be monotonous in any way. For example, you can plan to cover one chapter from each subject in a week and practice the diagrams and labelings on the weekend.

  1. Make Notes with Your Own Keywords

When you begin to study a new chapter, it is important to have a blueprint of all the topics and sub-topics covered in it. This helps you to proceed with a clear vision. When you study any particular chapter, it is important to understand as well as to learn the concepts in it by heart. For this, you need to make your own notes with keywords, that will help trigger your memory for any particular topic. You can choose the keywords randomly, or any terminology from the topic itself. Flow-charts are also very helpful for understanding various life processes and chemical reactions. You can also make flashcards to memorize the formulae and important terminologies.

Self-prepared notes are always more beneficial as they help you assess your understanding of a topic.

  1. Take online Classes

The online tutorials are very beneficial for NEET aspirants as it saves the travel time. Vedantu is one of the most trusted study portals for NEET courses, you may try its crash courses as well. You can attend the online classes from anywhere on your tablets, smartphones, computers, or laptops. Most online classes have separate sessions for addressing the doubts of students, hence making it a plus for many students. Also, you can watch the recorded classes if you need to understand any topic from scratch. 

  1. Have A Goal-Oriented Approach 

A goal-oriented approach will always help you push yourself a little further and prepare for the NEET examination much effectively. Often weekly goals or monthly goals for completing parts of the syllabus do not work out. It is better to set daily goals, with a reality check, that is, you set your daily goals knowing your capabilities of achieving them in the time-frame of the next day. For example, it may be difficult to cover a lengthy chapter in one day, but if you cover it part by part over three to four days, it won’t seem to be difficult anymore. So, knowing the amount of time you can devote in a day you can set your daily goals for covering that chapter. 

  1. Solve Previous Years Test Papers

Solving as many previous years’ test papers as possible will help you to understand the exam pattern better. Most NEET aspirants begin to solve previous years’ test papers after covering the entire syllabus, but the sooner you start the better it will be. You can note down the questions for every chapter from the previous years’ test papers in a separate notebook and solve them after covering every chapter. Once you complete the entire syllabus, make it a point to solve one test paper a day. This will help you become familiar with the exam pattern and types of questions for NEET.

  1. Fruits of Revision  

Revising the entire NEET syllabus of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is a must-do for succeeding in NEET. Revising all the chapters thoroughly will make it easier for you to retain all the theories and concepts in your memory. With every round of revision, your accuracy and understanding will be enhanced. Also, revising the topics over and over again will boost your confidence and prevent stress build-up. 

  1. Take Online Mock Tests 

Taking mock tests is one of the most important parts of NEET exam preparation. Mock tests take you through a quick recap of the syllabus and help you identify your doubts. It helps you to know the real-time exam scenario and all the related minute details of the NEET exam. When you take mock tests, you will be able to assess your exam preparation and the time management skills required for attempting the maximum number of questions. After taking a mock test, it is very important to analyze your performance in it. For example, if the number of questions you attempted and your scores are comparable then you can safely conclude that you have good accuracy. 

  1. Devote More Time to Your Problem Areas

The key to success in NEET examination is to learn the whole syllabus thoroughly, without skipping any topic. The problem areas are to be addressed as soon as you identify them. It may be a topic from organic chemistry or a theorem from physics or any life process from biology. It will be wiser to clear all the doubts and learn these parts by heart than to keep to be done at the last minute. Also, you can prepare notes from the topics you find difficult to understand, in a separate notebook, with explanations and flowcharts for your convenience. 

Apart from practicing the above-stated tips, discarding the road-blocks of stress and anxiety is another important aspect to keep in mind for scoring well in the NEET examination. A sound of understanding of all the concepts and a stress-free mind paves the way for success in the NEET examination.

Road to Success for NEET Aspirants