Online NCERT Solutions with Interactive Learning Assessments

by Sagar Mankar, May 13, 2020

Vedantu’s solutions to NCERT questions are helping many students like you. Do you love to write perfect answers to secure good marks? If yes, you will definitely find Vedantu helpful. Our solutions to NCERT questions do not just help you answer the questions but also help you to understand the finer nuances of the chapters.

Explore our online NCERT solutions and see how we use simple language to answer complex questions. You will find our NCERT Solutions easy to understand. The lucidity of the language, the to-the-point analysis can help you grasp the underlying ideas behind the chapters. Our answers are written in a simple language but they are information-rich.

Vedantu’s information-rich answers include all the necessary points that are needed to be told. For example, in our class 8 science solutions, you will come across a question asking what conditions are necessary for combustion. In this answer, we did not just say that combustion needs fuel, air and ignition temperature. We also explained what air (oxygen) is necessary and what ignition temperature actually means. However, we do not unnecessarily make our answers lengthy. You will see that the answers are concise as well as informative.

Vedantu’s online solutions are made by expert teachers. They know what to write in order to get good marks in CBSE Exams. The teachers have written the answers in such a way that you find them easy to understand and at the same, the examiners find them informative and complete. Good grades guaranteed.

Vedantu’s online NCERT solutions are entirely free of cost. You can download our solutions PDF smoothly without any pay-wall. These PDFs can be used offline. The PDFs are clearly written with big fonts.  You can print these PDFs. The valuable PDFs will hugely help you improve your grades.

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Do you know, Vedantu has an app too? If you download the app, you can unlock the full potential of Vedantu. The Vedantu app has interactive learning assessments, study material, revision notes etc. There are helpful videos that can enhance your learning experience. You will realise, studying is not that boring once you download our app. Once you let Vedantu hold your hands, all your learning needs will be fulfilled. Vedantu will be your guide even in your higher studies too. We are committed to helping students like you shine and make India great.

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We know that you mere looking at PDFs and readymade videos can solve all your problems. So, with Vedantu, you also get the advantage of interacting with teachers live. Yes, you can ask them questions then and there. Our teachers are extremely friendly. You will love to attend their classes. Vedantu’s teachers have awesome teaching experience. 

One-On-One Teaching

What’s more, Vedantu also offers one-on-one classes. So, you can get special attention from our teachers. There will be no part in your syllabus that you won’t understand.

In our online classes, you are free to ask any questions. Vedantu believes no question is a stupid question. Our teachers are there to answer your queries on the spot! 

Online NCERT Solutions with Interactive Learning Assessments