No Home Tuition Only Online Tuition for Students During Coronavirus Outbreak

by Anusha Lal, March 20, 2020

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared coronavirus disease as a pandemic on 11th March 2020. With as many as 219,338 COVID-19 cases across the globe, individuals are finding it challenging to maintain their calm. Currently, there is no time-tested antidote for the coronavirus infection, which is why panic is rampant among people.  

However, as per experts, one of the best ways to deal with the current situation is through self-quarantine. Though most are willing to try it to stay protected against the virus outbreak, parents are constantly worried about the whole situation. Besides being worried about the well-being of their children, parents are also bothered about their children missing out on important study lessons. 

With school being shut down, parents were hopeful that home tuitions would help fill the lesson gap. However, it is no longer an option as more people are practising social distancing to limit exposure to the COVID-19. But then as a parent, you cannot seem to shake off the worry?

Why don’t you opt for the alternate and more feasible option to make up for the situation, i.e. online tuition

Home tuition Vs Online tuition

Online tuitions prove more effective and feasible, especially when there is a virus outbreak in the world. The factor that makes ita better alternative amidst the coronavirus outbreak is its safety aspect. Typically, online tuition is more favourable right now mainly because of these following reasons -

  • Limits exposure: Being a virtual form of learning, students run a negligible chance of coming in contact with a coronavirus infected person. The classes are conducted live online that eliminate the need to travel altogether for both teachers and students. It also puts parents at ease, who are constantly worried about their child being exposed to the COVID-19 infection.  

  • Promotes the practice of social distancing: As social distancing is considered to be the most effective way of preventing exposure to the virus infection, students opting for online tutorials would be able to practice it effectively.  On the other hand, home tutoring defeats the entire purpose of social distancing. 

  • Flexible learning: Students can adopt a more flexible approach to their study sessions. Since all essential study resources are available online, they can access it any time and streamline their sessions accordingly. This facility is not available to students in case of home tuitions, where they are mostly dependent on their tutor to carry out their learning sessions. As a result students who are home tutored run the risk of missing out on crucial study sessions during self-quarantine.

Students can use this time in a productive way and significantly benefit their revision plan through virtual lessons. Additionally, the online tuition extends the option of going back to old lessons at any time. Further, they allow students to review previous classes to gain a better understanding of the topics covered. 

In case you are still wondering whether online tuition would prove useful or not, think about the different ways in which one can benefit from such learning setup. 

Benefits of online tuition – In a nutshell

Online tuition does not just help you limit the risk of exposure to the coronavirus disease. It also allows students to continue their process of learning without being subjected to any sort of inconvenience. In addition to these, here’s how students tend to benefit from online tuitions in general - 

  1. More  interactive

Online tuition facilitates two-way interaction and offers students a sense of greater involvement. Further, the technological setup encourages students to ask questions and become more familiar with the subject matter through course of the lecture. It also benefits the students who are more on the introverted side to partake in the interaction in a much comfortable setup, thus, creating a safe, positive and interactive learning platform for all students. 

  1. Enhanced engagement 

The user-friendly interface and interactive forum make online tuitions a more engaging learning option. With enhanced engagement, students can understand challenging concepts better and are further able to retain them successfully. Also, unlike home tuition, here, students are more actively involved with the study session and tend to direct its flow.

  1. Quality Resources

Online tutorials serve as a reservoir of quality learning resources. Students can access the latest study solutions of all subjects for all classes at anytime. Students can access such resources in the form of PDF downloads and clear their doubts through live online classes all at one place.

  1. Personalised learning feature

Students can experience the benefits of personalised learning while attending our live online classes. For instance, it would allow them to discuss tricky parts and avail answers to their queries on the spot that too from the comfort of their home. Further, it helps them to be actively involved with the lesson and in turn, retain the information availed during the course. 

  1. Time-saving

As it eliminates the need to step out of the home, students can save a significant portion of their time. Also, with travelling being out of the question, students feel more energised during their lessons and can respond better. Further, they can use the time thus saved in other productive ways by indulging in activities they find enjoyable. 

Nonetheless, to ensure students benefit their studies from such learning setup, they need to enrol at a learning platform that facilitates quality learning and benefits student’s learning process. To ensure the same, one must look for online tutorials with these few essential qualities –

  1. An experienced faculty.

  2. Use of latest audio-video technology to facilitates virtual lessons.

  3. Ease of retracing study material and replaying live videos to facilitate revision.

  4. Ease of accessibility across an array of devices.

  5. Facility to avail timely assessment and evaluation to track student’s improvement and understanding.

Hence, look for an online tutorial with these features to make the most of the self-quarantine period and to also benefit your studies significantly. Also, availing the assistance of such a learning guide would prove useful in more than one ways and would allow students to inculcate a disciplined yet fun approach towards learning. 

Healthy reminder!

Nevertheless, both students and their parents must understand that social distancing through online tuition is just one of the ways to stay protected against the coronavirus disease. To ensure they are safe against it, they also need to practice a few other things in addition to social distancing. For instance, 

  • They need to maintain personal hygiene.

  • Disinfect their surroundings frequently.

  • Avoid touching face, mouth, eyes and nose.

  • Avoid spreading or believing rumours.

  • Stay informed and don’t harbour irrational fears. 

Nonetheless, if one develops signs that are common to coronavirus symptoms like cough, fever, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, etc. do not forget to seek the required medical attention at the earliest. 

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No Home Tuition Only Online Tuition for Students During Coronavirus Outbreak