Tips To Score Well in NEET 2020

by Archana Rao D, March 16, 2020

NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination) is undoubtedly one of the toughest and most competitive exams in the country. Being the only entrance exam for medical, it makes it all the tougher as all the aspirants all over the nation will take up the exam in order to gain a medical seat. Students looking forward to getting admission into MBBS and BDS courses take up NEET exams every year. The NEET is conducted in over 136 cities across the country. Every year more than 10 to 15 lakhs of students take up the exams every year aiming to get a seat in one of the top colleges in the country. 

In this article, we shall elaborate on a few tips that would help you to score spectacularly well in the NEET exams guaranteeing you a seat in your dream colleges:

  • Time Table:

Making a time table is the most important aspect of exams. Having a well planned time table ensures you have a proper studying pattern. This will make sure you do not miss out on any topics and cover the entire syllabus. Covering the entire NEET syllabus will also ensure you score extremely well in the exams. 

  • Know your Syllabus: 

Knowing the syllabus will help you plan our study plan accordingly. As it is a competitive exam, there is no specific syllabus to the exam. The average students’ age is kept in consideration and the syllabus of class 12 while preparing the exam questions. Therefore, knowing the latest updated exam syllabus and studying accordingly will help you to crack any kind of exams that could be asked in the exam. 

  • Study Materials: 

Numerous types of study materials are available to prepare for the exams. However, choosing the right study materials and NCERT Solutions is very important. Therefore ensure you choose the ones which will give you a detailed explanation of all the short cut techniques, tips and tricks to solve the questions in the paper in the shortest and most accurate manner. 

  • Multiple Mock Exams: 

Mock exams are the closest you can get to the experience of taking up the actual paper. These mock papers are in the exact same pattern as the actual NEET question paper. This will help you to easily analyse your preparation levels. By attempting the mock paper, you can easily find out your strong and weak spots as well. 

  • Focus on your weak section:

After you solve the mock paper, it will give you a fair idea on what sections will allow you to score easily and what section you will face a problem while solving the questions. Keeping those in mind, plan your further study strategy accordingly. Focus on the topics and practise them multiple times to make them your strength. This will eventually improve your overall score as well. 

  • Prepare short cut notes: 

Make sure you prepare notes when you start studying. Ensure these notes are precise and easy to remember. Make an easy flow chart and notes for complicated processes. Have colour coordinated notes to remember complex concepts. Make placards to remember pointers. Make short revision notes for difficult terminologies to make studying and recalling an easy process. 

  • Choose online Classes: 

Studying online is one of the most comfortable and reliable study processes. Studying in the comfort of your home will make the study process more easy and efficient. Also, online courses are generally conducted by the best tutors in the industry making the classes more effective. These online classes can also be conducted based on your comfort zone allowing you to study at your own pace. These online study classes also save you a huge amount of time and money making it more cost-effective. The biggest advantage of studying online is that it will be conducted under the guidance of the parents. This will ensure that even the parents are not constantly worried about the effectiveness of the course. 

  • Have fixed time slots of study: 

As NEET is one of the most competitive exams, it is bound to build immense mental pressure for you. So do not get carried away and push yourself to study for inhuman hours. This will only push you towards losing all kinds of interest eventually. Therefore, make sure you plan your studies in small effective slots. Take a good amount of breaks to keep your mind fresh. Take power naps to refresh your mood. Sleeping improves your memory, motor skills, physical, physiological essence. Therefore make sure you get a minimum of 6- 8 hours of sleep without fail

  • Keep a Positive outlook about the Exams: 

Exam time is definitely stressful. Stress can lead you to feel very doubtful and fearful about the exam. But this could become the reason why you are unable to perform well under the stressful conditions of exams. Therefore keep calm and focus towards being positive in the days leading to the examination. This will boost your overall confidence and thereby allow you to perform extremely well in the exam.

Tips To Score Well in NEET 2020